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Moderate Review

System: Moderate Review


Type of Trading: Real

Broker: ATC Brokers

Started: Jun 25, 2015

Views: 61

Tracking: 0 users

Currency Pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD






Overview: Moderate Review Myfxbook system has made +3% in 136 trades since Jun 25, 2015. The average winning trade is about5.19 pips / $2.35, and the average trade with a loss around -14.86 pips / -$8.55. Trades are left open on average for 8h 54m.

(33/39) 84% is the winning percentage of its buy trades and (82/97) 84% is the winning percentage of its sells.

(Jul 15) 48.0 was the best trade it ever produced. (Jul 29) -73.0 was the worst.

Pros & Cons


  • 14.86368 SL, usually asking for trouble.
  • Drawdown has only reached 19.08, looking good so far!

  • This is most likely a scalper, the average win is not even 10 pips. This means it will be extremely broker sensitive and results will be highly dependent on low fixed spreads.|
  • The little profits it makes will be wiped out by it/’s huge stoploss
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