Forex Flex EA Results

Below are just some of the many Forex Flex EA results out there. Most are real money accounts, and the strategies vary. All of these accounts have their set files available to download from the Flex EA forums. Only paid members have full access to the forums, which is one of many great benefits to having a Flex EA membership.

  • Oldest Flex ea account running default settings trading just 4 pairs.

  • Progressive FlexHybrid strategy, settings in member forum

  • This is an account traded with their new Correlated Hedge EA

  • Another Correlated Hedge account using different correlated pairs and settings

  • New Double Edge TDISR strategy. set file can be downloaded in members forum.

  • BigDefault with out of the box settings with risk turned up

  • Trendsurfer strategy trading 11 risky pairs with 0.5 risk

  • FlexHybrid account running running on 12 pairs

  • Progressive FlexHybrid strategy, settings in member forum

  • Default strategy trading just 9 pairs, slow and steady setup

  • TrendSurfer trading 13 pairs with 0.2 risk

  • Custom set file available in member forums

  • Default strategy using progressive settings. Set file available in forums

Old Customer Accounts

  • This account used the x3Retrace strategy, reached 300% then withdrew all the money 🙂

  • This account traded the Default strategy, but used 6 max trades instead of 5. Account was tripled in 6 months and then profits withdrawn.

  • Default strategy used in a simple double up and get out technique. This can be rinse repeated over and over!