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Best Forex Robot (Expert Advisor) Comparison 2015

Best Forex Robots Competition – 2015

This performance table is a compilation of all the most popular forex robots on the market. It compares their performance over a month to month and year to year basis so you can see what’s hot, whats not. This should give you a great indication of which ones to avoid, and which ones to consider.

There is no best forex robot, just ones that are better than others at certain things. Two of the better performing robots on this list are Forex Flex EA and Forex Hacked. Both share a similar trading style, but I have to give the edge to Flex EA and here is why.

Flex can be traded in more ways than one, where Forex Hacked is just a standard double sided martingale. You can set Flex up to trade just like Forex Hacked if you want to. Flex comes with 8 unique strategies built in to the EA that you can just switch at the click of a mouse. While most of these strategies are great at what they do, there is still an infinite number of possible Flex EA configurations you can try. It truly is a magnificent piece of software which I can’t recommend enough.

As always, feel free to comment.

If you want your EA added to this performance comparison table, please leave a comment below requesting the EA you wish to see added to this list.

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