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Pip Brains EA Review & Discount (PipBrains Test Results)

Review of the Pip Brains forex robot.

Update (June 18th 2010) Version 1.1 release! – This is supposed to fix some of the major issues including the discrepancy of results people have been seeing. I will have this up for the start of this week.

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Update(April 28th, 2010) – I received word from PipBrains creator that he is completely revamping the system for these new market conditions we are seeing. He says the current conditions will result in in-frequent trading, and up and down results which is exactly what I have seen so far. Well I guess cheers to him for all the effort, will just have to remain patient on this one for now it seems.

EA Name Currency Pairs Timeframe Strategy ECN 4&5 Digits Take Profit Stop Loss Home Page
Pip Brains EURUSD/ USDJPY / EURJPY / AUDUSD M15 The brain does what the market will let it do. Yes Yes 40-70 80-150 Pip Brains




There are two packages available:

Pip Brains Advance Package – Has all settings available to modify including all indicator settings, take profits, stop losses etc… Over 63 variables to play with. Includes an advance settings guide to understand this monster of a system.

Pip Brains Lite Package – Has only the basic settings available to modify like risk, lot size, magic numbers, trading days and a few other basic variables.

Pip Brains is a membership based platform where you are limited to 1 live account, and unlimited demo accounts. but you have the option to purchase additional account use.

  • 1 extra account for $159.9
  • 2 extra for $298.99
  • 3 extra for $399.99

Many people we’ve talked to running pre-release copies of Pip Brains are doing so on more than account because of the success they’ve been having of recent. You can use unlimited demo accounts, and changing your live account number can be done on your profile page in seconds.



Pip Brains uses advanced and highly optimized indicators to intelligently pin-point precise market conditions to open certain trades under. It’s hard to label Pip Brains with a specific strategy, the brain does what the market will let it do.

Pipbrains has now been updated to have 3 different strategies mixed together, controlled by a series of indicators and market monitoring algorithms to determine when to run each strategy. You can expect anywhere from 2 to 10+ trades a day with this very powerful, robust EA.

You have the option to turn on or off each of the 3 strategies, as well as turning off certain days of the week like sundays and fridays.


Recommended Brokers

Pip Brains works on just about any broker out there but be warned that if your broker does not allow hedging, it will prevent some of the strategies to co-exist. Our recommended FXOpen or IamFX are no exception and provide great execution time and spreads for this powerful EA.



I would have to say Pipbrains would be the one forex robot off our site to try first. It’s reliability from it’s A.I. intelligence makes it one of the least stressful robots to control your money.

Overall Rating

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Rating: 5.6/10 (57 votes cast)
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Pip Brains EA Review & Discount (PipBrains Test Results), 5.6 out of 10 based on 57 ratings
  • wind - Posts: 25+
    June 26, 2010
    Reply #1

    yes, I had suffered big lost especially on the USD/CHF. But I wonder why the forexfbi admin din suffer such big drawdown? Is it really because of the lite and advance difference? I doubt.

  • fulcrumfx - Posts: 5+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #2

    Just checked Reny’s account, down to $3.05 ouch

  • myths - Posts: 5+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #3

    Yeah… yesterday I also lost about 30% of my account and most of the lost because of USD/CHF, this bot is not as good as what I expected, very disappointed .

  • Reny4jah - Posts: 70+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #4

    Good luck , Steve.

    My FXOpen’s $1,000 demo account which had initially increased beyond $3,000 was wiped clean in the early hours of Friday leaving me with just $3.05.

  • Allan - Posts: 20+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #5

    oooooooooooh nvm I guess it is because it is already friday XD

  • Phillip - Posts: 5+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #6

    I would like to know if this software takes $250 account as a start up?

  • Steve - Posts: 5+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #7

    The FXOpen demo I loadd last night isn’t even trading. The demo with FXCM-UK has two winners and two losers and is negative 155.00 in three days. I used preloaded parameters for the FXOpen demo and not making any trades

  • wind - Posts: 25+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #8

    not doing well for me either, lost almost 40% of my account. quite disappointed, even I saw good support from Andy. might have its potential!!

  • Reny4jah - Posts: 70+
    June 25, 2010
    Reply #9

    You are right! The latest loser’s “trick” the robot performs is that it opens USDCHF trades with more disproportionate lot sizes when compared to that of EURUSD. For example, as at the time this review was posted, I had open trades for USDCHF whose lot sizes were 10 times more than that of EURUSD. If the trend goes in the direction of USDCHF, there is a potential for a huge gain. But if the trend is in favor of EURUSD, then the account must suffer a big drawdown.

    For the hedging strategy to work properly, the lot size ratio for the two opposing pairs must be 1:1. But because this was not the case, all rising accounts took a turn for the worse when the trend went in favor of EURUSD and against USDCHF. We hope the next version Andy releases will correct this proplem.

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