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Best Forex Robot Competition Has Begun

Hey everyone, Joe here. If you haven’t already noticed, our best commercial forex robot competition has commenced. You can follow the results with this table here. The table gets updated every couple of minutes and each robot will show the last time it was updated. This being our first competition I wanted to keep things manageable only having 10 robots.

If all goes well I will run these competitions on a regular basis with more competitors and even allow user submitted EA’s to compete.

Feel free to leave a comment on the competition page about any of the systems, or features you would like to see added. I will eventually be converting our older forex robot comparison table to this new one also.

You will notice a surprise in there being Forex Hacked Professional. I managed to talk the creators into lending me a beta copy to test out in our competition and they were kind and confident enough to lend us one.

I hope this is something most of you will value as I spent a lot of time setting it all up.

Competition Page