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Currency Dominator

Currency Dominator is a new forex robot by a guy named Ronald Merrion that claims his new piece of software favours you the trader and not the broker. We’ll see how the brokers take to that, but here is a headline quote straight of the Currency Dominator website:

Forex trading system wins 93 trades in a row, Profits of $195,591.65 in 99 days, Busts a brokerage firm in the process

That is a pretty big claim, so let’s see if he has it hooked up to a live account, or even a legit demo account…. What do you know, he doesn’t have any real proof behind that claim. All Ronald has are clipped screenshots which are most likely fabricated. If he had the results he claimed, even on a demo account you can bet he would have that account all over Myfxbook or a similar service.

There sales page has spelling and grammar mistakes all over the place which is usually another red flag of a shitty system.

Currency Dominator’s big sales pitch seems to be the fact that brokers are robbing you and their software was designed to rob them. Sounds like a desperate attempt at a new marketing angle to me. Even if Currency Dominator can rob brokers half as good as the way Ronald Merrion is claiming, how long do you think these brokers are going to let it happen? Trying to find a broker for such a thing will be harder than trying to get this thing to even come close to replicating the claimed results.

If you have any results or experience with Currency Dominator by Ronald Merrion, please feel free to leave a comment below discussing.

  • JerryJoe - Posts:
    February 9, 2012
    Reply #1

    This is a follow-up to my comments of 1-14-2012. I went round and round with N & I Marketing, support@pipstrader,, and PayPay trying to get answers as to why this would not work on my InterbankFX platform with no responses.

    When I asked for a refund it was denied, even though they offered a 60-day Money Back Guaranty. Even PayPal would not honor it. PayPal does not handle intangible sales – like downloaded software – the same as a tangle items. Had the same been through Clickbank, the guaranty would have been honored. Lesson learned.

  • Inly - Posts:
    February 6, 2012
    Reply #2

    Hi, do you know of any decent software that helps in Forex / Binary trading? Most of the “Reviews” available on the Internet are affiliate links


  • JerryJoe - Posts:
    January 14, 2012
    Reply #3

    I bought Currency Dominator for $68 and loaded it into my demo account on a EUR-USD 15 minute chart as suggested. Although the AE was activated ( smiley face ) , I let it run for 3 days with no trades being registered although the 15-minute chart was very active. I sent e-mails to , , and finally an e-mail address I got by calling PayPal. This e-mail address ( is not listed as the vendor on the invoice. I have not heard back from any of these contacts.

    When the AE is added to your chart, the chart remains the same and does not look anything like the chart shown in the advertisement and no trades are made.

    PayPal also advised me that the vendor had not yet accepted payment and that it was still on hold.

    If you try to access their website today and error page from Plymus appears to the effect that the website for Currency Dominator is unavailable. The odd thing is that PayPal did not know that it was being processed through Plymus and neither did I when I purchased the product. Had I known it was Plymus, I would not have bought the product, they sell nothing but crap.

    I am contacting PayPal for a refund and suggest that you keep away from this product.

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