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Forex Hacked GBPUSD / USDJPY / EURUSD / EURCHF H1 / M30 A mix of hedging, martingale and break-out. Yes Yes 18-132 Trailing take profit. Website


Results  ($1000 turned into $35,000+)

Custom Settings (Join the VIP section to gain access to them)

Notice: Unfortunately my broker has a 500 trade limit. What this means is that MT4Live loses track of all the older trading history making the statement incomplete resulting in messed up equity graphs which you will see. The balance you see in the image above is what the account is currently up to from it’s original $1000 starting point. So That’s $35,000.00+ gain off a $1000 account in just over a year. The power of this robot can not be argued.


New Live Account (FX Open Broker)

I’ve got more test accounts in the works with new settings, and new pairs so keep checking back.

Forex Hacked Pro Official Real Money Account

Broker: FX Open

Account: $2000 Micro ECN/STP account running at 1:500 leverage


These tests are what you should aim for in terms of safe long term profits. Settings for each account are available once becoming a Forex Hacked member.



99% Quality Backtests

One of the very few systems of this nature that can shows profitable 5+ years backtests at 99% modelling quality across all major pairs.


This is a beast of an EA that while may be fun to use, should be used with caution. While I will have no problem running this on a live account, I will be doing so at low risk and withdrawing my profits every month or so. I recommend everyone doing the same if you’re trading this live. Let the fun begin!

Remember here at ForexFBI we encourage our users to comment freely about their experiences with this product including results, strategies, concerns and more. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question.

Visit Forex Hacked Website

15% Off Coupon (Ends In 48 Hours)


Forex Hacked is a membership based platform. Therefore you must create an account on their amember back-end, then once the account is created it will direct you to their order form. Once payment is complete, it will take anywhere from 10 minutes up to 3 hours for your account to be activated. At which point you will be able to download any version of the EA, and add your forex broker account number to your profile as the EA will be tied together with your membership for authentication purposes.

Forex Hacked uses a form of doule-sided martingale as its core strategy, while using hedging and break-out trading as a form of protection from large draw downs. So no matter what you do, when you attach it to a chart it will make money, its just a matter of controlling the draw down. Feel free to read some of the hundreds of comments about using Forex Hacked, settings, and strategies.

I highly recommend running this robot on a forex vps for the best results as it trades very often. You can see our full forex vps comparison review here.

Recommended Brokers
Forex Hacked will not function properly on NFA regulated brokers, but will work on anything else whether it’s 4 or 5 digits and ECN or not.
FX Open is a great broker for running this sort of EA, I highly recommend it for micro accounts.

Forex Hacked is a very powerful EA but can also be very dangerous if you get too greedy. It can double your account size in less than a week, but it has the chance of getting a margin call if the markets go very bad and you are running high risk settings. There are many users that run moderately high-risk settings and double their equity within a 1-2 weeks, and then close all open trades when the open P/L is respectable, and withdraw their earnings and start over. A great strategy to use with this very powerful EA.

Safe To Buy?
Forex Hacked has been approved for you to purchase based on its overall profit potential and guaranteed gains as long as risk is kept under control.

Forex Hacked Rating

  • john - Posts:
    July 11, 2015
    Reply #1

    Hello, I opened a real standard account 1:100 of 2000$ and I would be very appriciate someone to tell me what of those two settings it would be better to use :
    1) default-45-31- low-risk
    take profit 45
    booster 1.7
    pipstarter 31
    allow stop loss true
    allow trading true
    trend trigger 3
    trend pips 5
    trend stoploss 5
    masshedge true
    masshedgebooster 1.01
    tradesdeep 5


    2) longterm-132-170-low-risk
    takeprofit 132.0
    allowstoploss true
    allow trending true
    trendtrigger 10
    trendpips 10
    trendstoploss 10
    masshedge true
    masshedgebooster 1.01
    tradesdeep 5
    Please someone to help me , I would be very appriciate ! Thank you

  • Jerry - Posts:
    May 11, 2015
    Reply #2

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to know if anyone has received this error message in their metatrader with Forex Hacked …. 2015.05.11 12:32:39.248 ForexHacked26 USDJPY,H1: invalid ticket for OrderModify function – Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it?! Thank you! -Jerry

  • Angelika - Posts:
    April 15, 2015
    Reply #3

    If I would run this system with 20.000 would it be ok to use a leverage of 500 ?

    • Reny - Posts:
      April 16, 2015
      Reply #4

      Angelika…It is not clear in which unit you’re working with. Are we talking in cents or dollars or euros? Besides, the choice of your broker also matters. Let me know if you need help.


    • Reny - Posts:
      April 17, 2015
      Reply #5

      Hi Angelika,

      In what units of money are you talking? In cents, dollars, or euros? The choice of your broker also matters. ForexFBI has good broker recommendations on his site which you can take advantage of.. The choice of your settings also matters. If you have difficulty setting it up, even though I’m very busy, I might be able to help you determine if 1:500 leverage fits your investment.


  • korporal - Posts:
    March 30, 2015
    Reply #6

    I use Forex Hacked with standard settings with the setting Trendrigger set to true and masshedge set to true with Factor 0.1 starting from the 6th opened Position.
    (rest is TP=45, Pipstarter 31, Booster 1.7, max buy/sell order 9).

    Besides that I have three other EA’s in place control the drawdown of positions generated by Forex Hacked:

    1. Supercat EA by ezefx. This most genius EA eats drawdown away of positions which are in drawdown by proftiable trades which are generaed by Forex Hacked itself and/or

    2. Caterpillar EA by ezefx. Is use their old Version of Caterpillar (V6) which is a marti-grid EA. I let open trades in the “right” direction in order to hedge the drawdown with certain lot sizes and a certain gap defined between the positions (e.g. lot size 0.2, gap 20, every 20 pips gap from the former opened position a next 0.2 lot size position is opened).

    3. Show BE EA by argolab. This EA allows to verifiy Breakeven Level and set TP with defined amount of pips. This EA is needed to correct the logic of Forex Hacked, because if you close on or several positions of a Forex Hacked the TP of the positions stay the same and when they reach TP they can cause you a loss.

    It works. Everything which works Needs a lot of working and thinking before..

    • Elsie Osiogo - Posts:
      April 17, 2015
      Reply #7

      am a seriously inexperienced trader but i really wanna try this i’ll appreciate your contacting me for some advice. Thanks.

  • Shiva Bangalore - Posts:
    January 17, 2015
    Reply #8

    I lost lot of money from last two years, finally i am going to try this, is it available now? & i am going to start with 100$ is it ok? please help me some body

    • Reny4forex - Posts:
      February 1, 2015
      Reply #9

      Hello Shiva,

      You didn’t articulate how you “lost lot of money in the last two years”. Was it as a result of personal trading or with the use of forex robots? Was it as a result of inexperience or because you leveraged too much against the content of your account? What could you say was wrong? Explain if you don’t mind.


      • Bill - Posts:
        October 6, 2015
        Reply #10

        Reny, I see that you are still using Hacked. I would appreciate hearing from you about your success over the years with it. We corresponded years ago when it first came out.
        Thanks, Bill

        • Reny - Posts:
          October 8, 2015
          Reply #11


          How is the going? It is just wonderful to hear from you again. I hope you’re doing well with your forex business. Let me know how things are going with you. It is nice to hear from you again.

          A million cheers,

  • hanalei - Posts:
    December 14, 2014
    Reply #12

    What is the best and safest settings please. Thanks. What is MassHedging? Is it safe?

  • Toto - Posts:
    April 24, 2014
    Reply #13

    The FX market seems like hibernating now since last week…

  • Stephen - Posts:
    April 17, 2014
    Reply #14

    I received an “Access Denied” message from FH Pro asking me to check that I had input my user name and to make sure i have logged in to the FH website. I checked the EA settings, saw that my user name was indeed input, and decided to check the FH website anyway. As of this writing, I am unable to login. Does anyone else have the same issue?

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      April 17, 2014
      Reply #15

      They look to be affected by the major outages across many big hosting companies (Hostgator, Bluehost, and many more have had millions of customer websites offline for close to 24 hours now)

    • Kelm - Posts:
      April 17, 2014
      Reply #16

      Logging in OK here in Australia at 13:50 GMT, I have an ongoing issue with FHPro only opening in some price charts but, as I say thats ongoing nothing new

  • Moon Shaikh - Posts:
    April 10, 2014
    Reply #17

    Joe, Your website is #1 on my list for forex. I need to find best settings for Forex Hacked and Forex Hacked PRO. If you send me link or post link, I will really appreciate. Thanks – Moon

  • Ivan - Posts:
    March 20, 2014
    Reply #18

    I have ForexVPS 22 from LinkUpHost with 1.5GB memory. Is this enough to work?

  • Ravi Chandiran - Posts:
    March 2, 2014
    Reply #19


    Can anyone help me?

    I am unable to install Forex Hacked Pro in MT4 Build 600.



    • Prafull - Posts:
      March 8, 2014
      Reply #20

      Hi…there is a bug in new MT4 (600) build the data folder is at different stag. u can add me on hangout
      i will try my best to help u.

      thank you

  • ks - Posts:
    February 12, 2014
    Reply #21

    I have a few question here hope someone can help, the current update on MT4 600 did anyone install on instaforex? The MT4 in instaforex have not updated to 600, can I still use the version Forex Hack Pro 1.5 or I should just change to 1.6.

    The second question is the best time flame setting for Forex hack pro is it 1h or 15mins?

  • Stephen - Posts:
    February 8, 2014
    Reply #22

    The most recent MT4 update (build 600) has known compatibility issues with some EAs. Has anyone experienced any problems with the update on either FH or FH Pro? I have sent an email to FH support. When I hear back I will post the reply.

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      February 9, 2014
      Reply #23

      They have updates for both versions now available for MT4 build 600+, tested and working for me.

      • Stephen - Posts:
        February 10, 2014
        Reply #24

        Thanks Joe,
        Which broker are you using? i always have to fool around with the FXOpen settings before i get things back to normal. i always dread these MT4 updates.

  • Nimrod - Posts:
    February 4, 2014
    Reply #25

    Hi, I have recently bought this EA, 2 weeks now, so far almost 10% profit (I give a very big equity, like recomended here), but I would give a much better review in few months.

    I have a question, I have seen somewhere that this EA is best use on 1H time frame, I’m using AUDUSD and EURCHF, but as I see here, and also in the comptetion, that you use 15M time frame, is there a big diffrence? should I change settings immidietly?

    Thank you very much.

    • Abdulmajeed - Posts:
      February 13, 2014
      Reply #26

      It’s within Forex Hacked’s guide that is stated that it works only with H1 time frame.

      • Jonny - Posts:
        November 24, 2014
        Reply #27

        Totally 100% irrelevant which timeframe is used. This is 100% price action.

  • ppob - Posts:
    January 23, 2014
    Reply #28

    good ea

  • dentistksa - Posts:
    January 10, 2014
    Reply #29

    It is a good EA, but you should not to rely on it 100%, for me I work on 3 currency pairs which are USDCHF, EURUSD and GBPUSD,,

    My technique is:
    If my balance is 1000 $ the lot size will be .01 if it is 2000 the lot size will be 0.02 then when the profits reach 5-8% I close all the trades manually,, then start to open the EA again.

    ** I don’t start an account less than 2000$, and when it is 2000$ I work on 1000$ there must be an equity to avoid marginal call

    This is my experience. Hope to share your experience too.

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      January 10, 2014
      Reply #30

      I use a similar strategy that has worked quite well for a few years now, great to hear others sharing the same success out there 🙂

      • Abdulmajeed - Posts:
        January 24, 2014
        Reply #31

        Hello, there Joe.

        May you please share the settings you are using for this account:

        Thank You.

      • Dannydlw - Posts:
        February 10, 2014
        Reply #32

        Hi Joe! Could u specifically advise where actually i should placed the exe. and the set. file? SInce the new mt4 600 version are almost all in mq4. format? thnks.

        • Dannydlw - Posts:
          February 14, 2014
          Reply #33

          Hi, its ok. I already figured it out by my own. Thnks.

    • Required: Name - Posts:
      January 13, 2014
      Reply #34


      So, you trade with 3 pair on 1000$ account on same time? what is your Sl, Tp and pipstarter?


  • felix - Posts:
    October 26, 2013
    Reply #35

    can forex hacked work with fx pro mt4? much is it, how can i get it to buy. am a very new visitor to this site

  • JGrimm - Posts:
    October 23, 2013
    Reply #36

    How do I access the VIP section?

  • ib - Posts:
    October 18, 2013
    Reply #37

    where is the 15% coupon code ??

  • hjh norliha - Posts:
    October 6, 2013
    Reply #38

    No trades opened so far.There is a lock icon at the top right corner and if i click it,it opened up the browser to can i solve this problem so i can start trading.thank you

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      October 7, 2013
      Reply #39

      That lock is normal, make sure you have no errors preventing trades from opening in your logs. Usually it’s because of invalid starting lot sizes.

  • jon - Posts:
    September 17, 2013
    Reply #40

    is this EA still profitable on just one currency pair? im thinking of buying for just the GBP/USD

  • matt - Posts:
    August 31, 2013
    Reply #41

    I am also unable to purchase forex hacked pro from vendors website, does anyone know if we can still purchase this ea?? thanks

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      September 1, 2013
      Reply #42

      Looks like they suspended sales for awhile to dedicate their support for their current customers. It may also have something to do with not wanting their system come too wide spread.

  • jet - Posts:
    August 24, 2013
    Reply #43

    Hi All!

    Have any off you any good settings for EurJpy or GbpJpy?

    • jet - Posts:
      September 1, 2013
      Reply #44

      no one?

  • aladeen - Posts:
    August 21, 2013
    Reply #45

    @ Jimmy, I am unable to purchase my Forex Hacked EA from the vendors site. it keeps telling me unable to verify information…………. pls any solution?

  • willy - Posts:
    August 7, 2013
    Reply #46

    can any one explain: mass hedge and trade deep? Thanx

  • Adejobi - Posts:
    July 26, 2013
    Reply #47

    is ForexHached not selling their robot again?

  • Jim - Posts:
    July 16, 2013
    Reply #48

    Can anybody tell me the best brokers that accept US residence that is honest and will not take your money and is easy to get your money out. I would like to run this EA.

    • Jimmy - Posts:
      July 16, 2013
      Reply #49

      Tallinex ECN-Micro, with 1:400. Not the best spread(probably the worst)around but you get the point. or go with FX Choice Pro 1:200 leverage. Only complaints I have with FX Choice is they are unregulated located out of Belize and have Latvia bank. & their lack of credit card funding method for US clients. They have been promising a new way of utilizing payment via credit for some time now. Wire is the only way to go. You could try ForexBroker inc. but, honestly I would be wary of any broker offering 100% bonus. Plus side is they do offer the 1:500 sizzle. One more, ForexFS offer the worst spread with 1:400 but accept US clients. Located out of Sidney, Aus run by Chinese.

      • Bob - Posts:
        July 18, 2013
        Reply #50

        Does Forex Hacked Pro work well with Alpari? Any experience will be appreciated.

        • Jimmy - Posts:
          July 20, 2013
          Reply #51

          FIFO is dealt with on their back end, but you still have no hedging capability & are greatly handicapped on the margin. With Dodd/Frank going full force this year, I would look into ILQ via IB with nothing below “b” suffix or possibly “a ” the best ECN institutional feed with a well capitalized account.
          Earlier years Alpari historical data was used to backtest EA now it seems Dukascopy tick is preferred, for some, but I do not see any benefits going with Alpari anymore imho. And REGARDLESS, what they tell you, Experian ID check may get you a hard inquiry on your credit score provided you consented. The Axitrader is another coverup of IlQ but lacks ECN account and may trade against your positions.

  • Dan - Posts:
    July 15, 2013
    Reply #52

    Can anybody tell me what the consequences are for a US citizen to have an overseas forex account. Do any of you US people report taxes or not. Can not seem to find what the consequences are. Thanks

    • Jimmy - Posts:
      July 16, 2013
      Reply #53

      Not offering any tax advice. Tax must be reported if the total sum of all account(s) are 50k. They really can’t force you to leave. Some brokers I have mentioned do not operate under the CFTC jurisdiction that is the trade off. However, when you are profitable and decide to report your taxes, you have to submit two copies. One for Treasury department and IRS. My opinion, best come clean.

      • Jimmy - Posts:
        July 16, 2013
        Reply #54

        One other thing, I forget what the form was called, but you have to report all the brokers initially. Later some time down the road, if you decide to report the taxes(profits) and the IRS finds out you intentionally try to cover it up, that is where you could get in a hip of trouble. The intention to defraud your tax returns. Kind of like the chicken or the egg entrapment. I would really think this through before committing your money to oversea brokers.

  • Aaron - Posts:
    July 15, 2013
    Reply #55

    Hi, i just got the basic forex hacked 2.5 the other day. it worked once but now cant seem 2 get it running it always says access denied when i try load it up ive rechecked account number and other things but now at a stand still of what 2 do next. any ideas thanks heaps

    • Jimmy - Posts:
      July 16, 2013
      Reply #56

      I am sure you have checked all “live” enabled and submitted the live account number over via forexhacked website. I have to admit, I did run into that few versions down. After few upgrades, everything seemed to work perfectly. you might want to try attaching it to a different live broker(ea disabled & make sure you input the new account’s number) to see if the ea loaded successfully. Make sure your account is funded or otherwise you won’t get the any reading on the chart HUD.

    • Jimmy - Posts:
      July 16, 2013
      Reply #57

      Here is few things Forex hacked support suggested few years back with “access denied” error.

      *You may have to add both the terminal.exe and wininet.dll to the exceptions list on your firewall.

      *Did you check mark allow dll imports in the tools, options, expert advisors section of MT4?

      *Make sure allow dll imports is checked. If that doesn’t work you may have to remove the EA from the charts, and then re-attach it again.

      Latest build 509 version 4.00 MT4. Hope this helps a bit.

  • Adejobi - Posts:
    July 4, 2013
    Reply #58

    Can FH Pro work on instaforex platform? pls somebody should help me.

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      July 5, 2013
      Reply #59

      Assuming you mean instaforex mt4, Yes it will. If you’re referring to another trading platform other than MT4 then no it wont.

      • Bob - Posts:
        July 18, 2013
        Reply #60

        Hi Joe,
        US resident can’t use Forex Hacked Pro on US broker that are NFA regulated?

        • Joe Stevens - Posts:
          July 18, 2013
          Reply #61

          You actually can use it on US NFA regulated brokers, but you won’t get the double sided grid effect. Instead it will open a position on just one side, and the other side will be blocked. So while it work 100% properly, it will still trade.

  • P67n - Posts:
    July 1, 2013
    Reply #62

    Using FH25 on M1 is so fun, money coming so quick. Tweak there and here Finally I got setup FH25 on M1 time frame

    • tishoil - Posts:
      July 7, 2013
      Reply #63


      Could you please share with us your settings. Also on which currency pair do you run FH2.5 on M1?

      • tommy - Posts:
        July 8, 2013
        Reply #64

        FH25 on M1 setup Please running with Demo First with ECN, spread less than 2 and leverage 1:500 or greater only 2 pairs eur/usd and usd/chf :
        eur/usd set only Long and usd/chf only short, withdraw your money every 3 weeks/month.
        Max Buy : 4, Max Sell : 4 , Everything else default. I was running Backtest each pair 20-30% up/month with $1000 deposit and Demo. Live account 15-20% on ECN (month).

        • Christo - Posts:
          July 8, 2013
          Reply #65

          I cannot find the way to set only for LONG or for SHORT

          • Joe Stevens - Posts:
            July 8, 2013

            Just set the Max buys to 0 for long or max sells to 0 for short in Forex Hacked settings.

      • tommy - Posts:
        July 8, 2013
        Reply #67

        Another one FH25 on M1, only EUR/USD pair, setup deposite $500, Max buy : 5, Max Sell : 5, Spread less than 2 on ECN (the best with VPS), witdraw your money every 1-3 month. Everything else as default. PLs try on Demo first. Leverage 1:500 or greater.

        • Andy - Posts:
          July 9, 2013
          Reply #68

          Hi Tommy,
          To run on M1 do you just attach it to the M1 chart as nothing in the settings regarding TF setting.

          • tommy - Posts:
            July 13, 2013

            Hi andy
            Yes just reduce Max sell/Buy to 5 or 4.
            Here FH25 on M1 EUR/USD with hedge on $500 better $1000 survive on 4 years 90% backtest.
            -StopLosspct : 5 for $500 or 10 for $1000
            -masshedge : True
            -masshedgebooster : 0.5
            -tradesdeep : 1
            Everything else default, leverage 500/greater (run on ECN better) spread less than 2, pls try it w/ demo first. PS: the best running with H1

    • Daniel - Posts:
      September 13, 2013
      Reply #70

      Hi P67n! Is yr FH25 on M1 still profitable? Could u pls update? Thx

  • JOHN HELI - Posts:
    May 28, 2013
    Reply #71

    What EA would you suggest me better to buy FOREX HACKED or FOREX HACKED PRO ? Does it work to pepperstone broker I already use ?

    • yoli - Posts:
      June 4, 2013
      Reply #72

      I recommend both, however if you only have one account the better the pro is the easiest, from time to look at your account cuendo duty in case

  • yoli - Posts:
    May 16, 2013
    Reply #73

    has good morning everyone
    I purchased the EA pro 10 days ago I followed all Facilities and yet not work, the technical service does not help me too, someone could help me, my broker is the Sunbird MetaTrader 4 which authorizes the use of robot
    thanks for your answer in advance

    • ali - Posts:
      May 23, 2013
      Reply #74

      hi man….
      when you open the EA,, load the currency pair then put ur forexhached username at the username slot.. then go back to common and allow live trading>>> this is why it is not workin

      • yoli - Posts:
        June 6, 2013
        Reply #75

        encounter a problem with my FH pro, only works with three pairs and when I try does not work and so fourth, I should do? and by the way if you have a better strategy thanks to share
        thanks for the reply

    • yoli - Posts:
      June 4, 2013
      Reply #76

      hello Ali
      thank you very much, my problem was the lot, problem solved and thanks for the reply

  • icando - Posts:
    May 7, 2013
    Reply #77

    Hi all,
    Anybody using FH successfully on oil? If so, please chare your settings.

  • andreas - Posts:
    May 7, 2013
    Reply #78

    regarding fx hacked 2.5 and the quote
    ” using hedging and break-out trading as a form of protection from large draw downs”

    how does it do this ?

    also is the discount via the link on site still there ..the 15 %

  • Picka - Posts:
    May 3, 2013
    Reply #79

    Guys, try these settings on GBPUSD and USDCAD only.

    21 pipstart
    32 TP
    1.6 booster
    9 max trades

    rest default.

    This setup is doing 20-40% per month for me depending on currency volatility.

    • Kelm - Posts:
      May 3, 2013
      Reply #80

      Thanks I’ve added them to a Demo, all the other settings remain default I guess?
      I have been experimenting with a small TS and close SL with Max 15 on all three systems. It’s not run up a lot of profit but, at least it’s not chewing into the margin as much as the optimised settings do.
      Happy trading,

    • dock - Posts:
      May 5, 2013
      Reply #81

      Is this using forex hacked pro or just forex hacked?

    • yoshimurah - Posts:
      May 6, 2013
      Reply #82

      Hi every body. Just acquired FH pro. I would love to check all your set and settings, even previous versions (2.5 & 2.3), please email me, would be appreciated if some one could and would explain me how to access the Forex FBI V.I.P. ‘s section.
      Kind regards,

      • Kelm - Posts:
        May 7, 2013
        Reply #83

        Hi yoshimurah,
        I’ve replied here as well for everyone as I think if you go to the FAQ it will tell you the VIP is still work in progress.
        Happy trading

    • Ed Hayes - Posts:
      May 7, 2013
      Reply #84


      Are your settings for the Pro version?

      Ed Hayes

    • Andy - Posts:
      July 16, 2013
      Reply #85

      hi Picka,
      What TF are you running these settings on?

  • Suk - Posts:
    May 1, 2013
    Reply #86

    last chat about this bot is november 4, is it still good?

    how many currency to put it on 24/7 for it to be good? thanks

  • alan bond - Posts:
    April 18, 2013
    Reply #87


  • Ahmet - Posts:
    April 12, 2013
    Reply #88

    How can i calculate the masshedge booster coefficient at FH V2.5?
    What is the optimal value for TradesDeep?
    My settings are:
    Lot size: 0.01
    TP: 20

    250 USD with 1:500 leverage..

  • Dexno - Posts:
    April 12, 2013
    Reply #89

    In this post you write “Forex Hacked will not function properly on NFA regulated brokers, but will work on anything else whether it’s 4 or 5 digits and ECN or not.”

    Why NFA regulated broker is not working properly with forex hacked? can i know why? i read on other forum, someone post results that he using FXCM (as i know they got NFA too) and get best result..

    • Bob - Posts:
      July 18, 2013
      Reply #90

      It’s something to know before purchasing the product (FH Pro) if it won’t work properly …if we trade in US with US broker with NFA regulated. Is there any US resident using US broker could share their experience.

  • Vilho - Posts:
    April 10, 2013
    Reply #91


    Anybody using forexhacked with IBFX Australia, they are closing one hour ealier at fridays.

  • Raj - Posts:
    March 27, 2013
    Reply #92

    I am a resident of USA, can I use Forex Hacked Pro robot on FXCM account, is it legal to use it on FXCM account. FXCM provides a leverage of 1:50 only, will that be profitable.

  • Brad - Posts:
    March 20, 2013
    Reply #93

    Who is using the Pro or the Hacked 2.5? Do I want the Pro for better results?

    • christos - Posts:
      March 20, 2013
      Reply #94

      Have you ever had trades like:
      Type sell price 1.32456 and T/P of 1.32100 ? or
      Type buy price 1.22567 and T/P of 1.21000 ?
      This type of trades are taking away profit made from correct
      Any comment please.

  • Russell B. - Posts:
    March 9, 2013
    Reply #95

    I saw your hacked pro results of 1.99%/day. Can I achieve the same results with 1000.00 acct. and using default settings? Can you tell me your settings for the Pro acct. ?

    Thank You,


  • Zubang - Posts:
    March 9, 2013
    Reply #96

    This Forex pro double my account in just two days

    Deposit:1000USD turn into 2100USD.

    • Kelm - Posts:
      March 9, 2013
      Reply #97

      Hi Zubang,
      How many pairs are you trading to double your account? have you changed any settings?
      I have all 9 pairs on a $200k USD demo account and not as good results

    • Claudio - Posts:
      March 11, 2013
      Reply #98

      Which version of ForexHacked do you have ?….. Please share the pairs that you used and the settings…. Many Thanks !

    • LarryRich$$ - Posts:
      March 25, 2013
      Reply #99

      Is that a Demo or Live account?

    • Henrique - Posts:
      July 7, 2013
      Reply #100

      Hello Zubang !

      Which pairs you are using the Pro Forex Hacked? What are the settings you use. Share with us please

      Thank you !!!

  • dave - Posts:
    March 7, 2013
    Reply #101

    Received the following in a live chat with FXDD regarding US citizens

    Alex S.: FXDD’s backoffice does not recognize hedging. It is a position based system an all opposing orders are offset immediately. It is through this Backoffice system that all reports will be generated, and your actual account value is displayed. Once one side of an offsetting position is closed out on the dealing blotter, or the MetaTrader4 Platform, a position is again reinstated in our Backoffice. As a result, this change should not affect your trading style and should not affect your EA if you use one.
    dave: hmmm
    dave: so does that mean the EA will place a hedge position if it calls for one or not?
    Alex S.: It will be able to place offsetting positions, yes
    dave: OK great so you do not fall under NFA rules regs then.
    dave: It makes it so hard for us to trade here in the USA if we are familiar with hedging
    Alex S.: Yes, we are complient with all NFA rules, its just that our reporting system is not MetaTrader Platform, we have our own backoffice system,.

  • 7912 bill - Posts:
    March 6, 2013
    Reply #102

    Use either Finfx or Forexfs. They take US citizens.

  • JoshT - Posts:
    March 5, 2013
    Reply #103

    I live in the U.S. most brokers wont touch me. All I can open is NFA regulated accounts with like IBFX or FXDD. Any one know a non-NFA broker that would open a US resident account. Or has anyone had experince with this bot using a broker like IBFX or FXDD. I have been told it won’t work but not why or how it fails.

    • PW - Posts:
      March 5, 2013
      Reply #104

      Currently running it on FXDD Malta why would it be any different for US FXDD?

    • Jonny - Posts:
      March 11, 2013
      Reply #105

      FXDD NY does NFA compliance through backoffice. So hedged poistions are allowed on the MT4 platform. And the balance reflected on MT4 is what the balance will eventually be once all accounting is done in the backoffice. Usually, it takes 2-3 days for the balance to catch up to actual balance shown on MT4.

  • Jason - Posts:
    March 5, 2013
    Reply #106

    Guys, who ever there would like to share experiences. How many gains does forex hacked gives you? Are there settings double up money in 1 week?

    • Izzul - Posts:
      March 8, 2013
      Reply #107

      Dear Jason and users of forex hacked, i started to use this setting on forex hacked 2.5 on 13/ 2/2013 on demo account starting with usd 1000, leverage 1:500 and up till today the balance becomes 6000+ , thats a 600% roi!

      settings using m30
      take profit 20,
      pip starter 31,
      allow trending false,
      rest are default.
      ps the lot size i use is 0.10
      good luck

      • christos - Posts:
        March 9, 2013
        Reply #108

        What is the balance of open trades?

        • izzul - Posts:
          March 10, 2013
          Reply #109

          pairs use eurchf,eurusd,gbpusd,usdchf. I used the setting on my friend live account on friday 8th of march. Deposits 1000 + 50% broker bonus for every deposit, leverage 1:500 , broker hotforex. gain in 1 day 60% roi! current floating balance on demo account is positive 300+ , meanwhile on live floating balance is negative 300+ . Current balance on live account is 2500.

          • Claudio - Posts:
            March 11, 2013

            You used setting M15 but this EA work with H1… you can find it on the site of the Vendor (FAQ).

          • Jason - Posts:
            March 21, 2013

            Wow, That’s pretty amazing Izzul, Thanks for sharing with us.. =)
            I’ll shared mine, after I do the forward testing

          • PW - Posts:
            March 21, 2013

            Izzul what time frames?

          • stephen - Posts:
            June 4, 2013

            i would like to get a setting from you on a $500 iamfx account.
            email me:

      • Garth - Posts:
        March 9, 2013
        Reply #114

        That’s great! Which pair? That is extremely high risk. If you use that on a live account be sure to withdraw all your profits!

  • Jimmie - Posts:
    February 28, 2013
    Reply #115

    Ok guys any recommendations? This EA rocks! Should I just let the forex hacked EA run and do it’s thing without closing any profitable trades and let the EA dictate when to get out of the market, or should I run it on a VPS and close any profitable trades when the profit is respectable. I don’t want to close any trades too early and miss out on any big moves, however it seems as though the strategy is to collect small gains when possible and on to the next. Your feedback would be very much valued, glad to have found this EA at 24 years old after four years of trying trading on my own off and on. Thanks

  • mac atlerr - Posts:
    February 17, 2013
    Reply #116

    One question please answer straight, how many pips per day could FH can make? daily pips , or weekly average pips

  • mac atlerr - Posts:
    February 17, 2013
    Reply #117

    hi how many days/month does it take to double the account margin? please specific

  • emma - Posts:
    February 15, 2013
    Reply #118

    I got forex hacked on 13-02-2013. That’s 3days ago. I opened account of 1000 demo and it has double the account. Am I lucky.

  • steyn - Posts:
    February 13, 2013
    Reply #119

    What currency pairs are the safest to use with FH and what currency pairs give the best profit?

  • ajke - Posts:
    February 12, 2013
    Reply #120

    Is anyone having any luck finding a good US brokerage to use this on?

    • Kelm - Posts:
      February 13, 2013
      Reply #121

      Hi Ajke,
      Have you tried GCMFX?

      • ajke - Posts:
        February 16, 2013
        Reply #122

        Yeah i checked them out they said they dont take US and suggested I use FXDD

        • Steve - Posts:
          March 14, 2013
          Reply #123

          Hi ajke, I use lucrorfx in new zealand. they allow us citizens and hedging etc. No problems at all with them. Only drawback is when you withdraw funds, they take $30 and your bank here takes $30-$40! I suggested to them direct deposit or paypal ?????

  • tina - Posts:
    February 9, 2013
    Reply #124

    I want details of above product

  • Kelm - Posts:
    February 7, 2013
    Reply #125

    Just had to post the extraordinary success I’m having with ‘Pro’. this morning is the seventh trading day with it in a $50k GCMFX demo acc. I am trading all the recommended pairs plus an AUDNZD so, ten pairs.

    I am seeing Blnce=$53750.06 – Margin=6959.94% – Trades=43.

    My settings are the optimised ones with the EA and I have reduced Max. trades to 2 for each system/pair.

    Has anyone found how to reduce the balance in a demo without having to re install a whole new account and losing history & current trades?? I would like to do this to simulate taking profits and its effect before going live.

    All the best with yours

    • Tony - Posts:
      February 7, 2013
      Reply #126

      Hi Kelm,

      I new to forex. Could you tell me your settings please?


      • Kelm - Posts:
        February 8, 2013
        Reply #127

        Hi Tony,

        answers on the fourth line ” My settings are the optimised ones with the EA and I have reduced Max. trades to 2 for each system/pair.”


  • thebanker - Posts:
    January 27, 2013
    Reply #128

    I don’t think my Hacked is using stop loss, can someone give me a good scalp setting an what the stop loss should be set at.

  • Required: Name - Posts:
    January 19, 2013
    Reply #129

    sir,I want to know how I can buy ForexHacked.Click bank banned my country nigeria,Infact I need this robot.I shall appreciate anyone who can assist me to buy it.

  • timmy - Posts:
    January 12, 2013
    Reply #130

    Hey Joe ,

    I tried using your 15% of coupon to upgrade to the pro but the forex hacked site is saying invalid coupon , whats goin on there dude ? is anyone else getting this problem?

    • timmy - Posts:
      January 23, 2013
      Reply #131

      Thx Joe !

      I used your direct link for the discount , I got over 20% off on my upgrade to the Pro!
      Thanks again dude….!

  • victor - Posts:
    December 26, 2012
    Reply #132

    I have a live account of $500. My broker is Pls can anyone help with settings to make good profits?

    • Garth - Posts:
      January 8, 2013
      Reply #133

      Victor, with only $500 you would be crazy to use anything but the smallest starting lot size (0.01 lot) default is 0.01. Go for a lower risk pair like USD/CAD (only run it on one pair) Default settings are very profitable. Use the maximum leverage your broker will allow. Ideally you should start with about 3k but with max leverage and on USD/CAD you could look to make around 5% per month.

      • mac atlerr - Posts:
        February 17, 2013
        Reply #134

        what do you mean by 5% a month? you mean if you deposit $500 your ROI monthly would be 5%? at 0.01 lot size?

  • Gianluca Loddo - Posts:
    December 22, 2012
    Reply #135

    Hello members, could you please be so kind to tell which kind of broker account of these below one shall open ot use with FOREX HACKED ( basic and PRO ) ?

    – ECN

    Thanks in advance for your help


  • Jimmy - Posts:
    December 21, 2012
    Reply #136

    HI Joe, I opened my account with a leverage of 1:200, hwever i have raised the leverage to 1:1000 but my Forex Hacked ED is still displaying my old leverage of 1:200. The broker insists that the changes have been made bt that is what i see on the EA diplay and the trades do really reflect an increase in the leverage. How do i confirm my acctuall levrage on the account?

    • tiamiyu kareem - Posts:
      December 22, 2012
      Reply #137

      yes, this is what you will do, you will closed all the opened order and remove the EA from the chart (off the EA and remove it) so now restart you mata trader and re-sign it all over

  • victor - Posts:
    December 19, 2012
    Reply #138

    I purchased fh 2.5 but I tried to log into my fh member area. It’s not logging in. It showing Authentication problem, please contact website administrator

  • Ahmet - Posts:
    December 16, 2012
    Reply #139

    Hello. I’ve been using Forex Hacked V1.0 I tested it on my 200 USD Alpari demo account for 2 weeks with default settings on EURUSD and GBPUSD H1 charts. I only changes the lot size to 0.02 after some time.

    After 2 weeks, the current balance is $354.41 and equity is $211.97. Should i go live with FH V1.0 with these settings and results? Thank You for your help!

    • Alton - Posts:
      December 17, 2012
      Reply #140

      Your setup is very good.
      you can try.

    • tiamiyu kareem - Posts:
      December 22, 2012
      Reply #141

      No don’t try it
      0.01………………………….1000 for 4 digit broker
      0.01………………………….5000 for 5 digit broker
      Booster=1.6 or 1.7

      • Tony - Posts:
        December 26, 2012
        Reply #142

        How are you Tiamiyu,

        What is the result of this setup in pips and monetary value?


    • Garth - Posts:
      January 8, 2013
      Reply #143

      Ahmet, why are you using V1.0? V2.5 (the latest version) is safer and more profitable.
      I’d recommend you leave the lot size at 0.01 until you reach 3k.

  • Alex - Posts:
    December 13, 2012
    Reply #144

    Joe Stevens what will Jimmy and I do? Now that we cannot purchase the Forex Hacked EA from the vendor’s site. It keeps telling us: Unable to verify our information.

  • Gianluca Loddo - Posts:
    December 13, 2012
    Reply #145

    Does anyone know if buying the PROversion of FOREX HACKED one can use on the basic version for himself and give ( for free or for money the PRO version ) to a friend or parent to be used for their own need and pleasure in their own broker account ?

    That’s a point not cleared on the official FOREX HACKED WEB SITE.

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      December 13, 2012
      Reply #146

      This should be possible, you just have to get your “friend” to signup for his own trading account at whatever broker. Then you enter your account number in the Forex Hacked basic field, and your friends number in the Pro field.

      • Jimmie Batts - Posts:
        January 9, 2013
        Reply #147

        Hello Joe my name is Jimmie and I am going to purchase this software soon. How do I get access to the VIP section for the custom settings that are used. Thanks and have a great day.

  • nuwanda - Posts:
    December 12, 2012
    Reply #148

    hi admin,
    i just want to know if it is possible to force forex hacked to open a buy and a sell position instantly when you turn the ea on. usually it takes a few seconds before it either opens a sell or a buy osition. but i want it to open both postions straight away.

  • Jimmy - Posts:
    December 11, 2012
    Reply #149

    2 day and counting still can not purchase EA from vendors site

  • Jimmy - Posts:
    December 10, 2012
    Reply #150

    I am unable to purchase my Forex Hacked EA from the vendors site. i keeps telling me unable to verify information…………. Any solution?

  • masoud - Posts:
    December 7, 2012
    Reply #151

    hello world..any 1 use forex hacker 2.5 in 10 years back test because when i test version 2.3 from 2001 with any setting my result is more time until 2011call margin please one person give me advice about forexhacked 2.5 and result 10 years back test .
    thank you so much my email is :

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      December 8, 2012
      Reply #152

      In those 10 years of profit, don’t you think you would have withdrawaled well over 100% of your initial deposit atleast 3 or 4 times running at even lowest of the lowest risk. So even with a MC in 2011, if your account is still around your initial deposit because you withdrew everytime it doubled, then you could consider that MC as just a losing trade as you would still be up atleast 300%.

  • Alton - Posts:
    December 7, 2012
    Reply #153

    Try this setup for all pairs, you get better results:

    PipStarter = 31
    TakeProfit = 20-25
    Booster = 1.7
    Lots = 0.1
    MaxBuys = 11
    MaxSells = 11
    allowTrending = FALSE
    Rest are default

    • Garth - Posts:
      January 8, 2013
      Reply #154

      Don’t you think the Take Profit should be greater then the Pip Starter? Correct me if I’m wrong but if you’re several trades deep you will loose money with those settings.

  • Jimmy - Posts:
    December 6, 2012
    Reply #155

    What is the performance Of FH on Alpari UK? Has any 1 tried it?

  • Prince - Posts:
    December 6, 2012
    Reply #156

    I am using the EA it works good with its default settings but I am not able to activate once I change the settings. Please can someone tell me how to change the settings and enable it?

  • David - Posts:
    December 6, 2012
    Reply #157

    Has anyone used this for an extended period of time?

    • Kelm - Posts:
      April 9, 2013
      Reply #158

      Yes, since December 14. and its pretty good if you’re very careful and dont get greedy with silly settings. I’m getting 28.6% ROI monthly.

      • tai - Posts:
        April 10, 2013
        Reply #159

        hi Kelm,
        Thanks for your response which is quite reassuring.
        Please can u tell me the settings you are using and level of risk taken for this roi.
        Also which broker are u using?

        I used instaforex for d normal forex hacked like a year ago. It worked fine for a month and suddenly, it went bad. I noticed my trades would almost reach take profit and sudden d market turns. Slippage was also very terrible after a while. I lost all my money.

        Am planning on getting for ex hacked pro so needed your assistance with the earlier questions.

        Thank you.

        • Kelm - Posts:
          April 10, 2013
          Reply #160

          I play around with the settings quite a bit and so far only in Pro. Basically I think I’ve kept it going so long without big losses as I trade small lots only 0.01 – 0.1, the Max lots settiing I use is only 2 per system and always have lots of balance.
          tried a few broker demos best so far for me has been GCMFX.
          good lluck, kelm

  • bottom price - Posts:
    December 3, 2012
    Reply #161

    All pair you should set TP = 10 or less.

    • nuwanda - Posts:
      January 10, 2013
      Reply #162

      it would be interesting to know what PS and booster you are using for TP 10. and what is your monthly return ?

      • Garth - Posts:
        January 10, 2013
        Reply #163

        Really 10 pip TP is a scalping setting and in my opinion very dangerous if you get a large sudden move. You would have to turn it off whenever there’s a medium/high impact news announcement. With 10 TP you would need 8 or 9 PS and boost 1.6

  • Kizzus - Posts:
    December 3, 2012
    Reply #164

    i’m using it in a real micro account and i’m very satisfied with him

    • Tony - Posts:
      December 26, 2012
      Reply #165

      What setup are you using?


  • Jason - Posts:
    December 2, 2012
    Reply #166

    This looks promising. How do we get to the VIP section to see your custom settings? There’s no information on registering on your VIP page, just a password box.

    • Jason - Posts:
      December 8, 2012
      Reply #167

      Nevermind. I searched on Google to find your subscribe box, and signed up and signed in. I’m trying to figure out though which set of settings applies to which account on this page.

  • abdul - Posts:
    November 29, 2012
    Reply #168

    hello world..any 1 use forex hacker 2.5?? can i have a powerfull setting that make profit?? n my EA dosent on at my expert like canot conect to server..but its ON at my chart n auto trading..

  • Michael - Posts:
    November 14, 2012
    Reply #169

    I have been using the FH for a while now. It is the most amazing EA I have ever seen. You determine your success rate by playing with various settinsg giving huge consideration to money management. I just uncovered a marvelous setting that will yield a minimum of 35% ROI monthly with minimal risk exposure. Email me so I send you the settings if you are interested.

    • Chris - Posts:
      April 9, 2013
      Reply #170

      I am considering purchasing the latest version of this EA and want to know whether it would work with either Capital Spreads or City Index? I would like to use this quite cautiously as I am only starting with around 500-1000 GBP…… are you still using this bot and would you recommend it?

      • Kelm - Posts:
        April 9, 2013
        Reply #171

        I dont think City Index uses the MT4 platform do they? Not sure about the other one but, ForexHacked runs on MT4

  • Jonny - Posts:
    November 12, 2012
    Reply #172

    With ForexHacked, I would set a TP of 10 pips or less on every pair you choose to trade.

    • thebanker - Posts:
      January 28, 2013
      Reply #173

      Why did you say only 10 pips

  • christos - Posts:
    November 4, 2012
    Reply #174

    I am using the EA for about a month.There are long trades opened with a lower T/P,
    and short trades with higher T/P. Support s answers are irrelevant to the problem.All
    losing trades are because of the wrong T/P.Has anyone the same problem?

  • tom - Posts:
    November 3, 2012
    Reply #175

    i try to access vip to see your settings for 1000 balance account but it wont let me in. What are you settings?

  • Gordon - Posts:
    October 23, 2012
    Reply #176

    Just purchased my copy of Forex Hacked a few weeks ago and i love it. When can i get my hands on the PRO version that won the competition????

    • tom - Posts:
      October 24, 2012
      Reply #177

      what setting are you using gordon?

  • Stephen - Posts:
    October 16, 2012
    Reply #178

    I note that in the 2.5 version, the trending feature is recommended in the default high risk settings (45, 31, 1.8 booster) but no mention is made in the low risk setting (45, 31, 1.7 booster) Is anyone using the feature with FXOpen? The stoploss minimum is 10 pips. Apologies if this has already been discussed. I looked through the forum and couldn’t find any mention of it.

  • Tony - Posts:
    October 13, 2012
    Reply #179

    Can you please give me a link so I can join the VIP. I would like to obtain your settings how the Forexhacked EA made$35000 in one year.
    On your website page when you click join VIP, there is no section to to join, just enter your password.

  • Calli - Posts:
    October 13, 2012
    Reply #180

    Hi Guys
    I have sucessfully downloaded forexhacked.I then attach it to the charts.On each chart it says loaded sucessfully.I waited for 2 weeks , no trade.I then reinstalled everything again and discovered that allthough it says on the chart susessfully the last pop up block does not appear to connect to the server.Can someone please help. I am using Windows 7 – Ultimate
    Thank you

  • Owen - Posts:
    October 9, 2012
    Reply #181

    Hi there Im very new with FX Hacked and am trying on a small ($400) demo account. I know my broker accepts micro lots as I can do a manual order using 0.01. However when I attach the EA to the chart, not only does it take away the right click option to place a manual trade, on the journal it comes up with “invalid lot size…” The only way I can get rid of this message is to have the lot size at 0.05. Please help

  • M Smith - Posts:
    October 2, 2012
    Reply #182

    Can anyone give me some advice on using the istoploss feature for my circumstance. I am running a Micro Account with $1000 start on multiple charts. I am managing the trades so as to close left positions with a manageable loss, for while I am not there, the default stop loss of 300 pips is way to long surely… If a pair was left trending too far just a couple of those could blow the account up. Can anyone suggest a better general stop loss, considering that news spikes can be 100-150 pips often. Thanks.

    • M Adeel - Posts:
      October 4, 2012
      Reply #183

      Forex hacked is very profitable and very risky martingale EA’s you should know the proper setting to run it otherwise you will lost all.
      It crashed my live account initially and then i tested it too many time with different pairs and with different setting now i get the impresive result, no crashed just starting 500 USD (from 2003 to 2012).
      and now i applied it again on my live account.
      “Forex hacked = proper setting and pair” otherwise you will lost all your $$$.

      • Taiye - Posts:
        October 14, 2012
        Reply #184

        M Adeel, please can you let us know your settings. Tnx.

      • clausejmbm - Posts:
        October 20, 2012
        Reply #185

        Hi Adeel,

        I also bought forex hacked and let it run by default. Could you please tell me about your settings?

        Kind Regards,

      • Owen - Posts:
        December 24, 2012
        Reply #186

        would you be willing to share your settings…would be appreciated Thanks

  • Todd - Posts:
    September 23, 2012
    Reply #187

    I am new to Forex Hacked and have had issues trying to get it to work. Support continues to send me to different downloads and I am now continuously getting the error “Invalid ticket for OrderModify function”. Has anybody else run into this issue and if so how did you fix it. I am running a demo account on FinFx with default setting to start. Thanks!

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      September 24, 2012
      Reply #188

      How many charts are you running? Do you have a unique magic number for each chart?
      Do you have allow live trading checked in Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors?
      You you have ECN set to true or false? What ever it is try changing it.

      • Todd - Posts:
        September 25, 2012
        Reply #189

        I am only running 1 chart so only one magic number. I do have allow live trading checked. I will try switching the ECN setting to see if that helps. Thanks!

      • Todd - Posts:
        September 27, 2012
        Reply #190

        Ok, changing the ECN fixed the error but now I still can’t get it to trade. It has been sitting there doing nothing for 2 days.

        • Joe Stevens - Posts:
          September 27, 2012
          Reply #191

          Hmmm… Maybe close all your charts, and restart MT4 and start from scratch. Also if you have 0.01 lots and your broker doesn’t support it, you will have to change it to the lowest supported (usually 0.1).

          • Todd - Posts:
            September 29, 2012

            I am pretty sure FinFx supports .01 but I will change to .1 and see if that helps. I may try a different broker as well. Any suggestions for a US citizen?

  • aref - Posts:
    September 15, 2012
    Reply #193

    Hello is this work on MT4 .
    and what is the best robot for MT4 ?
    Best regards

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      September 17, 2012
      Reply #194

      Yes 99% of the robots listed on this site are for mt4.

      As for the best robot for MT4, that is and always will be an ongoing debate. Some people prefer scalpers only, while others prefer trend surfing and some like the excitement of martingale. There may be no best robot, but there are very popular ones and for good reason. They make money 😉

  • Abdulmajeed - Posts:
    September 10, 2012
    Reply #195

    The most profitable, yet probably the riskiest EAs are the one using martingale strategy. Personally, I am a ForexHacked user, but I run it with FapTurbo.
    The first to make profit & the second is a back-up/stabilize the account.
    This worked amazingly for me before, but I lost everything when Swiss Franc’s value was frozen last year in a move that shook the Forex market globally.
    I just started again using the same strategy, ForexHacked + FapTurbo.
    I hope this time is better.

  • rp - Posts:
    September 8, 2012
    Reply #196

    wich pairs do you trade on your forex hacked demo account (+3448,2%)?, where i can find the setting for this?

  • SteveJ - Posts:
    September 4, 2012
    Reply #197

    Hello ForexFBI. Please can you give the settings that turned your $1,000 account into $35,000. Would really appreciate these for my own testing. Best regards,

  • K. W. Ng - Posts:
    September 3, 2012
    Reply #198

    No, I am using HotForex & TradeFort.

  • Jim - Posts:
    September 2, 2012
    Reply #199

    Will ForexHacked work with FinFx?

    • Mike - Posts:
      September 11, 2012
      Reply #200

      Yes ForexHacked will work with FinFX. I have multiple live accounts and a MAM account using ForexHacked there.

      • Todd - Posts:
        September 29, 2012
        Reply #201

        I can’t seem to get FH to work on my FinFX demo account. I am using .01 lots which I think are ok with FinFX. Did you have any problems getting it to work? It appears to have attached to the chart properly but hasn’t traded in a week.

  • mike watt - Posts:
    August 27, 2012
    Reply #202

    I already have made an instaforex account but they dont accept 0.01 lots and I have the same problem with fxopen, the recomended broker(by FH)
    the little smile dont apears and I think its because of the minimum lot
    with an micro account 0.1 is the same of an regular account with 0.01 right? if Im right I can use 0.1lots on a micro account, but I need to do a serious backtest before risc money on that and cant test it wile I cant solve this prolem :/

  • bob - Posts:
    August 23, 2012
    Reply #203

    I am confused with all the different settings available for 2.5. According to the manual, default is the most popular. But what is the most profitable? I would like to run all recommended pairs on an $800 cent acct. Any suggestions?

  • mike watt - Posts:
    August 17, 2012
    Reply #204

    hi 🙂
    who is the best broker for micro accounts running this EA?

    • Taiye - Posts:
      August 24, 2012
      Reply #205

      Instaforex is wonderful with this EA

    • Abdulmajeed - Posts:
      September 10, 2012
      Reply #206

      I use IamFX. But it doesn’t allow American citizens.

  • Ranty - Posts:
    August 10, 2012
    Reply #207

    Keep it up

  • force199 - Posts:
    August 6, 2012
    Reply #208

    Sorry, another worrying question for me, but I think a vital one for many people:

    Question 1:
    If I have a leverage of 1:300 for example, and if I’m trading this EA or any other during a market crash like the one in 2007 or the one in September 2001 that shook the market, would I end up owing 300 times my fund value to the broker? What are the chances of this happening?

    Question 2:
    Is it not safer and better to trade this EA on a 1:1 leverage? And program the EA to not open trades when more than 70% of the funds are in use?

    Thanks for your time in helping me with this dilemma.

    • Taiye - Posts:
      August 24, 2012
      Reply #209

      There is no way you will trade forex without using leverage because if you dont, you will need as much as $100,000. to trade 1 lot, and $10,000 for 0.1 lot .
      No matter what happens, the broker will not loosse its money. Tthe system has been designed to close out all open trades when the drawdown reaches a certain level without eating into the brokers funds.
      Please check through the manual, i think there is a setting you can apply to avoid the EA opening additional trades once drawdown of a set % of your equity is reached.
      I can testify, this EA is working fine if you set it up well.

      • Tony - Posts:
        September 19, 2012
        Reply #210

        Hi Taiye,

        I am Tony. Could you please point me to where I can find the setting mentioned on the Forex Hacked manual. I am a newbie starting newly. Also, are there other good EA like Forex Hacked you can recommend. Have a nice day buddy.

      • Joshua - Posts:
        October 9, 2012
        Reply #211

        Hi Taiye and everybody else,

        I just bought the FH membership couple of minutes ago but I’m really new to this.
        Would you care to share to me what is the right setting for this EA to work ?
        I am currently using GoTrader MT4 on demo account.
        I am planning to test it for 1 month before I open a real account with GoTrader.
        Much appreciate your help.

    • Mike - Posts:
      September 11, 2012
      Reply #212

      Taiye is right about setting the drawdown. I also use stoplosses on all the trades and I set it up so I don’t ever risk more than 65% of my accounts.

  • force199 - Posts:
    August 3, 2012
    Reply #213

    Hi there, does anyone understand how the TakeProfitPCT option works, and are you able to give an example of this?

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      August 4, 2012
      Reply #214

      I believe it’s like an equity percentage. So if you set it to 10 (percent) and have a $1000 account, and your open trades hit $100 in profit it will close all those open trades. If you had it set at 20 (percent) it wouldn’t close them all until it hit 20% of your equity.

      Depending on their actual coded algorithm, I can’t say for sure if this is a percentage of your initial deposit, current balance, or total equity.

  • bob - Posts:
    August 1, 2012
    Reply #215


    I need help the EA is not connecting to my live account, it has a smile face but nothing is happening

    • Joe Stevens - Posts:
      August 4, 2012
      Reply #216

      Try re-downloading a fresh copy from your members area. There were a few people mentioning something similar with 2.5 and that a fresh download was the fix.

  • adhi - Posts:
    July 30, 2012
    Reply #217

    Has anyone downloaded the new version 2.5 yet? I have problems attaching it to a chart. Tried on 3 different demo accounts with different brokers and it just won’t attach.
    Version 2.4 seems to work just fine. Anyone can help me or have similar problems?

  • Siya - Posts:
    July 24, 2012
    Reply #218

    Is IamFX a good broker for running Forex Hacked? I wanna buy the EA but am using IamFX as my broker

    • Minbeyk - Posts:
      August 15, 2012
      Reply #219

      Helo siya, did u try FH on iamfx live? What was the result and what account size?

  • calli - Posts:
    July 23, 2012
    Reply #220

    What is minimum amount in $ to start trading with a live account ?

  • deegames999 - Posts:
    July 22, 2012
    Reply #221

    But that was at Profiforex 4digit non Nfa ,500 leverage. Ithink that’s why the wiping out. The only place for a Us citizen to go with no NFA rules.for forex hacked. I hear 5 digit brokers get better results, than 4 digit. I found Profifoex wiping out alot of my strategies when 5 digit Nfa rules yes, 50 leverage low spreads weren’t. like Gft forex. I also think leverage mattered alot. My other strategies write out to me I’m trading under 100 lerage so they’ll trade less lots for me so I don’t wipe out my account.

  • y0om4a - Posts:
    July 18, 2012
    Reply #222

    Does Forex Hacked actively change trades. For instance, does it change the takeprofit ever besides the trend setting way and does it ever close an order without an order hitting the take profit?

    I am wondering this because hedging might be well and fine if you start the EA when you are in the middle of the trading area for a currency, however, if you are not then you could get losses much if it trades much higher than you entry point or lower.

    • G M H Forex - Posts:
      July 21, 2012
      Reply #223

      yoom4a, I really dont think hacked has a breakout system as such. it seems to have an internal moving average filter to determine the first intial trade (personally i feel that it gets in the way sometimes, but can be overidden by changing the timeframe until a first trade enters. )
      I’ve been testing and trading this EA since december 2010. I think its an amazing tool if used as such. Can be used as a scalper or a position trading robot. I have found that if left with default settings there is a greater potential of blowing an account when the 200-300 pip spikes occur from time to time. This is due to the martingale style of trading. For example over the last few months the EurAud has been trending downwards. In my opinion you can eliminate potential large drawdowns by only allowing SELLS. Also for the GBPUSD I only SELL. At the moment I look for the gbpusd to retrace upwards to around 1.57 areas, see 18 july (major resistance level on 4hr chart). I then wait for a simple indicator (eg 5/13 MA crossover etc) to show a 4hr swing beginning to the downside. Then i let hacked free to do its thing. This is my position trading strategy. I Start with lot size .01 (per $2k in account) pip starter 50 take profit 150 boost 1.01 (opens next trades at same size as first trade, this reduces chance of martingale blowup) Max 5 trades .Allow trending True. Trigger 10. TrendPips 20 Trend Stoploss 100. The secret is to allow Hacked to trade until its in profit or near 1.53 then turn EXPERT ADVISORS off on tool bar and close all trades. Then wait for swing back up towards 1.57 and do it again. Thats how i trade with hacked anyways.

      • Stephan - Posts:
        July 26, 2012
        Reply #224

        Hi GMH Forex, you seem to understand this EA very well. I purchased the EA a couple of days ago, but do not understand the complete (or half) working of it. Could you be so kind to send me a mail or on the blog explain the exact working of the EA – that is when and what it is doing at what stages, and the meaning of all thesettings and someone mentioned a spread sheet – how do I calculate Drawdown etc to determine Pip Start or Capital required for 0.1 Pip start? We are all scared of just loosing our money in ONE Trade…please help out. Perhaps the Installation and Settings instructions are too vague. My email:

      • Stephan - Posts:
        July 26, 2012
        Reply #225

        Hi, with the GBP/$ and Eur/$ down Trend, what is the average Pip earnings per month for say last 6 Months? Just want to see if you are too conservative on Pip booster or is this because of your Account size?

      • Dave - Posts:
        August 5, 2012
        Reply #226

        How do you only allow SELL?

  • y0om4a - Posts:
    July 17, 2012
    Reply #227

    What is the breakout system? Is that the same as the trending that is activated? If my trending setting is on and it is set to 3 , what does that mean? It does not mean that if a pair goes up 3 pips, then it is activated? does it?

    • G M H Forex - Posts:
      July 22, 2012
      Reply #228

      if trend trigger is set to 3 and trend pips is say 10. it means when price gets 3 pips away from taking profit then the take profit target is pushed forwrd 10pips. until price again gets to 3pips from taking profit at which time, profit target is pushed 10pips forwad again. like a carrot in front of a donkey.

  • y0om4a - Posts:
    July 15, 2012
    Reply #229

    I figured out the invalid ticket question. I have my each of my two subaccounts only short or long, so I get expert errors when it tries to short when it cannot.

    However, I am still wondering about my booster question. If my booster is 2, and my starting lot is .05, then is the second and third ticket .10 and .20 to make a total of .15 then .25 or is my original ticket modified to .10 then .15 to make a total of .10 and .15

    • steve - Posts:
      July 16, 2012
      Reply #230

      If The booster =x2 that means .05 then .10 , 20. 40 .80 and so on.
      The next open position doubles.

    • Lee - Posts:
      July 17, 2012
      Reply #231

      Your invalid ticket prolly had to do with the expert only opening one type of trade for each chart, i.e, GBPUSD char only opens buy trade, USDCHF only opens sell, etc.

      For the booster the math is simply:

      Each Succeeding Trade = Lot Size * Booster^(Number of Trades)


      Lot Size = lot size starting at .1(.01 in standard)
      Booster = Any number greater than 1.0
      Number of Trades = Number of trades, this is what geometrically increases the lot size of each succeeding trade

      so it would end like say booster = 1.5

      *Note: all trades are in one direction only(either LONG or SHORT)

      Trade 1: 0.1
      Trade 2: 0.1*1.5^1=0.1
      Trade 3: 0.1*1.5^2=.225
      Trade 4: 0.1*1.5^3=.3375
      Trade 5 and so on…

      • Lee - Posts:
        July 17, 2012
        Reply #232


        Each Succeeding Trade = Lot Size * Booster^(Trade number-1)

        Trade 1: 0.1*1.5^(1-1)=.1
        Trade 2: 0.1*1.5^(2-1)=0.15
        Trade 3: 0.1*1.5^(3-1)=.225
        Trade 4: 0.1*1.5^(4-1)=.3375
        Trade 5 and so on…

  • y0om4a - Posts:
    July 15, 2012
    Reply #233

    if my pipbooster is 1.7 and my first lot is .05, then is there a new ticket with .085 to make two tickets or is the old ticket modified to .085 so there is still only one ticket ?

  • y0om4a - Posts:
    July 15, 2012
    Reply #234

    I keep on getting this: invalid ticket for OrderModify function.

    I got it right after I manually closed a ticket rather than had Forex Hacked do it for me, so I am pretty sure it is related to that. I tried removing and adding the EA again. I tried closing and opening the chart again. I tried closing all my trades. I tried lots of things without any luck.

    email me at

  • steve - Posts:
    July 11, 2012
    Reply #235

    I just like to say this robot works but be very careful with the settings.
    Don’t get to greedy.

    • rishawn - Posts:
      September 9, 2012
      Reply #236

      hi steve!! can you tell me what broker you use in america to make forex hacked work?

  • deegames999 - Posts:
    July 10, 2012
    Reply #237

    I’d like to ask admin or anyone else all the tests are demo. But some are live like with forex hacked They both seem live but there’s a setting link for one demo and one live. I just bought this . Thank-You.

  • deegames999 - Posts:
    July 9, 2012
    Reply #238

    I want to get thge settings for the 1 to 37000 acccount. But is that live or demo results so I know which link on vip to use. Thank-you.

  • deegames999 - Posts:
    July 5, 2012
    Reply #239

    I’d like to ask admin or anyone else why is the total pips a negative 1754?. and the avg pips per trade a negative number? When there’s a gain of 3300%. These numbers are on this website for the live account. You also get better results than the developer’s website! I’m interested in buying this, but I need to know hy the negative numbers. Thank-You.

    • admin - Posts:
      July 5, 2012
      Reply #240

      That is just the nature of this type of trading. You will get a lot of your lower lot sized trades closing in negatives, but the bigger lot trades are where you make the profit. So while you’re losing pips, you’re still gaining profit.

  • mr kareem - Posts:
    July 5, 2012
    Reply #241

    for the best settings of all time lots———-0.01 for 800 to usd1000 take profit………30
    booster 2.0 and pip starter…………21 so with this 30 to 40 percent is sure

    • taiye - Posts:
      July 8, 2012
      Reply #242

      On which currency pair? And what happens when news that could cause spikes are released? I mean can forex hacked be trraded during news?

    • Minbeyk - Posts:
      August 11, 2012
      Reply #243

      Hello guys, pls i would appreciate it if anyone who has traded FH on either live or demo acct of $600 or less share his settings with me. The default settings i believe are made for bigger equity. Pls you can contact me on Thanks in advance

  • David - Posts:
    July 4, 2012
    Reply #244

    Hey, does anyone have the excel sheet from post #28 if so, please mail me at . thanks in advance.

  • taiye - Posts:
    June 30, 2012
    Reply #245

    Please can someone tell me how forexhacked will perform when news are released?

    • jonny - Posts:
      July 31, 2012
      Reply #246

      Fxhacked is pure grid price action driven. Everyone new to this ea must keep that in mind. So you must take over often with ea off, manually manage your trades.

  • samuel - Posts:
    June 28, 2012
    Reply #247

    i need to purchase forexhacked. can anyone give link on where to purchase. thanks

  • samuel - Posts:
    June 28, 2012
    Reply #250

    hi, can any one give me a link on how to purchase forexhacked ASAP

  • Shokes_Forex - Posts:
    June 19, 2012
    Reply #251

    Forex Hacked the most definite EA I have ever seen. It does virtually most things with it Strategies. The caution is that you just have to get the right settings for your equity.

    • Minbeyk - Posts:
      August 13, 2012
      Reply #252

      Hi shokes, are you trading live with FH? If so witht which broker please and what are you settings? Will these settings work on usd1000-2000 account size? If you will be gracious enough please share the settings with me. Thanks

  • juniarso - Posts:
    June 15, 2012
    Reply #253

    By applying the hybrid setting, the results are quite encouraging

  • Tim - Posts:
    June 7, 2012
    Reply #254

    Hey just wondering if this forex hacked is really worth buying? what are your guys opinions on this EA any negatives about it? would really appreciate some feedback im from australia by the way thanks

  • pipsoldier - Posts:
    June 7, 2012
    Reply #255

    Anybody knows how to tell FH not to adjust take profit?
    I don’t want to change the take profit once the trade is placed. I am using low multiplier to get a deep margin, so wanted to run the EA in pure Martindale.

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Jerry - Posts:
    June 5, 2012
    Reply #256

    Anyone having trouble with FH lately. My HotForex stop opening trades and everytime I try to use the EA I get this in the experts journal tab:
    2012.06.05 15:33:44 ForexHacked24 EURGBP,H1: invalid ticket for OrderModify function

    Thanks in advanced.

    • Lee - Posts:
      June 5, 2012
      Reply #257

      I think you have your lot size set to lower than .1 which in this case might be .09 or lower even the default which is .01 lots.

      • Lee - Posts:
        June 6, 2012
        Reply #258

        Or maybe you have a manually placed trade. Sometimes FH cannot place trades if there is a manual trade being placed in the charts.

  • Lee - Posts:
    June 3, 2012
    Reply #259


    I updated my MT4 from build 416 to 427 and eventually to 432. I am using version 2.4 of FH. Apparently after the update the robot does not open any trades anymore. Here is a log:

    23:53:23 ForexHacked24 EURUSD.,H1: init is done
    23:53:23 ForexHacked24 EURUSD.,H1: initialized
    23:55:19 ForexHacked23 EURUSD.,H1: loaded successfully
    23:55:43 ForexHacked24: invalid handle -1 in FileClose
    23:55:43 ForexHacked24 EURUSD.,H1: deinitialized
    23:55:43 ForexHacked24 EURUSD.,H1: uninit reason 1
    23:55:43 ForexHacked24 EURUSD.,H1: removed

    23:55:43 ForexHacked23 EURUSD.,H1: dll calls are not allowed; ‘wininet.dll’-‘InternetOpenA’
    23:55:43 ForexHacked23 EURUSD.,H1: expert stopped
    23:55:43 ForexHacked23 EURUSD.,H1: initialized

    • Lee - Posts:
      June 3, 2012
      Reply #260

      I’d also like to add this:

      ForexHacked24: cannot open file C:\Program Files\MetaTrader – FXOpen\experts\files\ForexHacked24oved0





      • Lee - Posts:
        June 3, 2012
        Reply #261

        I’m sorry if my second reply is for GBPUSD chart, but I think you already get the point. I am trading GBPUSD and EURUSD. Both charts have the same problem. Note that I am assigning a unique magic number to each chart.

        • Lee - Posts:
          June 3, 2012
          Reply #262

          I seem to get it to work after doing some troubleshooting so I guess it’s working now. I do not know why it went crazy but I think it was because of the update of MT4. Anyway, I still get this message:

          01:03:20 ForexHacked23 EURUSD.,H1: executable file is corrupted. Please recompile it.

          Anyone knows what this is?

  • Jerry - Posts:
    June 3, 2012
    Reply #263

    Ive been using Hot Forex for a couple years now with great success. When I started they gave me a $500 bonus as well which helped during drawdowns. Im in the US as well. Hope that helps.

    • PW - Posts:
      June 5, 2012
      Reply #264

      I used HotForex before, but they are no longer accepting US customers.

  • PW - Posts:
    May 30, 2012
    Reply #265

    I’m looking for some additional options for brokers to use Forex Hacked. I’m in the U.S. and it’s getting very difficult to find brokers. I currently use FinFx but would like some other options for micro accounts.

    • jonny - Posts:
      July 31, 2012
      Reply #266

      FXDD does fifo backoffice so hedged positions allowed on platform.

      • billy - Posts:
        August 1, 2012
        Reply #267

        I have heard this. So fxdd best for US client? Not sure they have micro lot

  • Newbie - Posts:
    May 9, 2012
    Reply #268

    Been using FH for abt 3 months now. Recently, encountered a stop loss closure which I do not understand. The trades are at the 5th level and the price was moving towards the target profit. Then unexpectedly, a stop loss target was triggered which is about 10 pips lower than the target profit. As a result, the trades were closed earlier and a loss was incurred. I could not find the reasons. Has it got to do with the settings? All along, I have not changed anything new and these stop loss closures just happened today on 2 occasions.
    My account balance is adequate, the settings for `StopLossPct’ is 100.0, `AllowiStopLoss’ is false, `allowTrending’ is set to true, and trendStopLoss is 5. Could anyone pls explain/guide on the cause and how to deactivate the automatic stoploss. Tq

    • admin - Posts:
      May 11, 2012
      Reply #269

      Try turning the allowTrending setting to false.

  • ELVIS - Posts:
    April 30, 2012
    Reply #270

    Hi ADMIN The VIP micro FX OPEN live account settings specify a 0.01 lot size. I have just opened a live Micro FX OPEN account and the minimum is 0.1 lot. Has FX OPEN changed the minimum lot size since you opened the account?. Or could you please clarify this.

    • Juan - Posts:
      May 1, 2012
      Reply #271

      0.1 lot in fxopen is 0.01 cent.

      • Andre - Posts:
        May 3, 2012
        Reply #272

        Micro account or not the lot size must appear the same on stats, so it should be displayed 0.1 and not 0.01. ELVIS have a good question, maybe admin is using a new broker..

  • balaji - Posts:
    April 30, 2012
    Reply #273

    Hey, does anyone have the excel sheet from post #28 if so, please mail me at thanks in advance.

  • Newbie - Posts:
    April 26, 2012
    Reply #274


    I understand 1 license is for 1 live account. Under the same live account, what about opening up a few currencies and attach the FH EA. Will it work? Mine doesnt. Would like to seek confirmation that it is so. TQ

    • NxFx - Posts:
      April 30, 2012
      Reply #275

      It should work, for multiple chart with any issues, you need to set unique magic number for each chart.

      • Newbie - Posts:
        May 1, 2012
        Reply #276

        Tks. It is working now

  • Thomas Biladeau - Posts:
    April 25, 2012
    Reply #277

    whats the best live accout settings for gbp/usd?

  • Dess - Posts:
    April 24, 2012
    Reply #278

    Hi Friends, anyone knows if FH good to use or suitable for broker like FXPRIMUS?

  • David - Posts:
    April 22, 2012
    Reply #279

    Hey, does anyone have the excel sheet from post #28 if so, please mail me at i would apreciate it alot! 😉

  • nxFx - Posts:
    April 21, 2012
    Reply #280

    Apr 21th status 🙂

    Fxopen – Micro – 1
    Leverage: 1:500
    Gain: +547.96%

    Fxopen – Micro – 2
    Leverage: 1:500
    Gain: +79.11%

    Fxopen – Micro – 3
    Leverage: 1:500
    Gain: +3.5%

    Fxopen 0.10 lot= 1.00 Cents
    1.00 lot= 10.00 Cents
    InstaForex – Micro
    Leverage: 1:1000
    Gain: +215.49%

    InstaForex 0.10 lot= 0.10 Cents
    1.00 lot= 1.00 Cents

  • fitra - Posts:
    April 19, 2012
    Reply #281

    I used robot hacked 2.4 then parameter setting use
    24 takeprofit
    1.7 booster
    16 pipstarter
    3 trendtrigger
    5 trendpips
    5 trendstoploss
    lot 0.01

    • Thomas Biladeau - Posts:
      April 26, 2012
      Reply #282

      how are those settings doing?

  • Xander - Posts:
    April 13, 2012
    Reply #283

    Hi all, does anyone practice turning of the EA before major news release? Any advice on whether this helps or not?

  • LordAlfa - Posts:
    April 6, 2012
    Reply #284

    Since ForexHacked is instrument agnostic, can it be tried on oil trading? Oil trading ranges very well and retraces extremely rapid upon news. I am successful using a Martingale on oil. I was wondering if FH can be used on oil. #CL and #B. Crude Light and Brent.

    • Roy - Posts:
      April 23, 2012
      Reply #285

      hey, i m trading CL with FH with TP 35 Booster 1.65 PS21 setting, so far so good, but gotta keep the smallest lot size possible..

      • Buco - Posts:
        April 24, 2012
        Reply #286

        Try to look at TP 100, Booster 2.5, PS 80

        • Ryan - Posts:
          April 30, 2012
          Reply #287

          PS 80 and TP 100 is very good (.01 lot per $1000), but 2.5 Booster will wipe you out after 5th sell or buy position. My booster is 1.6 and it has 6 sell positions open. Drawdown ingot up to 40% when price hit 1.63 on G/U. I have 9 max buy/sell orders in the parameter of the EA, but now I’m thinking of changing lot size to .01 for every $1500 instead of $1000. I want to be in this in for the long run.

  • gurmeet - Posts:
    April 4, 2012
    Reply #288

    heloo everyone ,, i never used forex robot

    can anyone please tell me , if i want to trade only long side for a particular time with a robot( like forex hacked or fap turbo)

    then what will be the setting

    or if i want to trade only short side for next24 hours or 48 hours , how can i do this????? is there any kind of settings in a robot or they will trade both sides??????

    • Nick - Posts:
      April 8, 2012
      Reply #289

      You can, and you can set this within the parameters of the robot once you load it onto your mt4. However, I wouldn’t recommend this. The way this robot trades, it’s more beneficial if you trade both sides of the market, both short and long.

      I have used FH since august of 2011 and have done well trading both sides.

      The most important aspect of trading and using the robot is good money manager by making sure once all positions are opened you have a sufficient amount of margin percent to avoid a margin call and wait for a trend to correct itself.

  • Thomas Biladeau - Posts:
    April 2, 2012
    Reply #290

    what are the setting for the 1,000 that got to 42,000?

    • Andre - Posts:
      April 3, 2012
      Reply #291

      First thing u must do if u will win some money with FH is to buy a new pair of glasses 🙂

    • devon williams - Posts:
      April 25, 2012
      Reply #292

      i would like to know these parameters also

      • Andre - Posts:
        April 26, 2012
        Reply #293

        Try to read the review before posting these questions…

  • Thomas Biladeau - Posts:
    April 1, 2012
    Reply #294

    what are the setting fbi won all the money? how do you see vip settings?

  • nxfx - Posts:
    March 30, 2012
    Reply #295

    So far good!

    Fxopen – Micro
    Leverage: 1:500
    Gain: +333.95%

    Fxopen 0.10 lot= 1.00 Cents
    1.00 lot= 10.00 Cents
    InstaForex – Micro
    Leverage: 1:1000
    Gain: +91.32%

    InstaForex 0.10 lot= 0.10 Cents
    1.00 lot= 1.00 Cents

    • Thomas Biladeau - Posts:
      April 2, 2012
      Reply #296

      i can only go to 1:200 where i am. what kind of setting are you using? what was your opening balance?

    • nxfx - Posts:
      April 6, 2012
      Reply #297

      Apr 6th status

      Fxopen – Micro
      Leverage: 1:500
      Gain: +396.57%

      InstaForex – Micro
      Leverage: 1:1000
      Gain: +91.32%

      Settings i use, Varies to pairs i trade.

      45 takeprofit 35 takeprofit 70 takeprofit
      31 pipstarter 21 pipstarter 51 pipstarter
      1.68 booster 1.65 booster 1.7 booster
      15 max buys 15 max buys 15 max buys
      15 max sells 15 max sells 15 max buys

      After so many blow up in standard account, i started using FH on Micro FxOpen starting $100 and deposited up to $488 when market condition was bad.

      InstaForex Micro went on smoothly initial start was $100 + $30 Bonus account has already tripled.

  • Thomas Biladeau - Posts:
    March 30, 2012
    Reply #298

    there so many different settings people use its crazy!!!! It all depends how nuts you are to go big quick or slow! some people dont trade on fridays. is that because people go broke from the market?

  • matobe - Posts:
    March 29, 2012
    Reply #299

    one more question , is this ea will close all the position if the internet connection failure happen and when the market close on weekend becuase if that happen all the floating post will ending with a lost or i will remain open and continue the existing post when the internet connection is on again and on the next sunday morning …..

  • matobe - Posts:
    March 28, 2012
    Reply #300

    i have 4 question to ask :
    1 is it truth about the rumors some broker can tweak the ea to make sure the acc blown up
    2 some ppl say if we want to do the backtest we need to use the 90% modelling quality to make sure the test is prefect and the ea is good
    3 is there anyone here who have use this ea since 2010 in real acc and it survive until now by using 0.01 lots with 5k usd margin
    4 is anyone here have use the ironfx broker , it offer 500 leverage for mini acc and the min lots are 0.01 = 10 cents

  • dhillon - Posts:
    March 28, 2012
    Reply #301

    Is any one help me to chose a Forex broker that work good with FH. I would like to Open a/c with Aus 1000.

    • nxfx - Posts:
      March 30, 2012
      Reply #302

      fxopen micro works well for me. Even Instaforex micro is good.

  • Paul - Posts:
    March 26, 2012
    Reply #303

    I plan to switch my FH trading accounts (live and demo) to a different VPS. How can I also maintain all of my trading history on the new server? Any help appreciated.

    • rosco - Posts:
      March 27, 2012
      Reply #304

      Your history is stored on your broker’s server.
      If you connect to the same account on a new mt4 platform you will have your order history without any problems, just logs from the trades are lost (if you really need them you can store them too 😉
      ) they are in programfiles(x86 if you run 64 bit operating system) > platformname (eg. metatrader-pepperstone) > experts > logs, but order history wont be a problem..
      you can login to your account @ the vps on most of the brokers(they allow more then 1 connection to the same account) just dont forget to turn off any EA on your pc, you would get double opening trades and problems like that..

  • Mskovgaard - Posts:
    March 24, 2012
    Reply #305

    Do you guys trade during holidays? Easter for instance.

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