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Forex Megabot EA Review (Forex Mega-Bot Results)

Review of the Forex Megabot EA

EA Name Currency Pairs Timeframe Strategy ECN 4&5 Digits Take Profit Stop Loss Home Page
Forex Megabot USDCAD 15 minutes Scalping Yes Yes 8 pips 50 pips Forex Megabot

Performance (Forex Megabot EA Test Results)


Forex Megabot is sold for 97$ through clickbank


Forex Megabot Strategy

from looking at the backtests posted on their website, this EA seems to perform profitably on both Dynamic and Static Risk/Reward Ratio. When set on Dynamic Risk/Reward ratio, the EA will close with small profits and won’t always wait for the 8 pips target to get hit. However, when set on a Static Risk/Reward ratio, the EA will wait for the 8 pips target to get hit. In my understanding, this could be done by switching the Time protection input to On or Off.

Add the fact that the Risk/Reward ratio can be lowered to 3.3:1 (From their backtests). I would say that this is the most interesting EA for 2010. 

Forex Megabot Recommended Brokers

FX Open and Iam FX are two brokers to consider when trading forex robots.



Folks, after reviewing all the junks which showed up this year. This Scalping EA looks really promising. The seller provides more than 9 months of Real money tests verified on our Favourite accounts verification website ( and is backtested on a 99% quality.

As far as transparency on their website, we’ll give it 10 out of 10. The last time we have seen an EA with such high transparency on the sales page is for the Forex Megadroid which showed up in 2009 and turned out to be stable and profitable.   

Safe To Buy?


For all the proofs these guys have provided, and for the fact it’s being offered with 60 days guarantee through ClickBank, we’ll Mark this with a big green YES. 


Forex Megabot Overall Rating

  • Required: Name - Posts:
    March 9, 2011
    Reply #1

    Megabot is a total scam – stir away, plus you wont get your money back

  • rami katzir - Posts:
    February 3, 2011
    Reply #2

    I asked refund money-hope it would done friday-no answer .

  • David - Posts:
    February 2, 2011
    Reply #3

    I have had the robot on for three trading days (only trades between 5 and 6 pm EST) and no trades were taken. I have sent two emails to support with no response. This appears to be a scam.

  • rami katzir - Posts:
    February 1, 2011
    Reply #4

    again another day-nothing …………..

  • rami katzir - Posts:
    January 31, 2011
    Reply #5

    nothing for monday 2 metatrader and we had movement

  • rami katzir - Posts:
    January 29, 2011
    Reply #6


  • Stu - Posts:
    January 28, 2011
    Reply #7

    Just what i thought. I firmly believe there isn’t a single robot out there worth it’s salt. If they are so good how come the banks and funds aren’t using them. If they did use them you can bet your life you would never see that bot……..ever.

  • mac - Posts:
    January 26, 2011
    Reply #8


  • Roger - Posts:
    September 23, 2010
    Reply #9

    can you post your results, please?

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