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Instaforex Broker Review (Insta Forex MT4)

Instaforex Broker Review


Instaforex Broker claims that it is the best brokering service for Foreign Exchange in Asia. The service providers provide tools and opportunities for the traders to work with different financial instruments like forex, stocks and indexes.

As far as the Forex goes, Insta forex Brokers provide more than 140 symbols to trade and the transactions happen in real time with a Leverage rate which is as high as 1:1000. Apart from this, the service also allows Swap-free forex accounts among other things. The trading platform uses the MT4 to provide a comprehensive set which includes leading trading platform and analytics with various charts and reports for helping in the process of decision making. Apart from this, the service also provides Forex calculators with real time prices and access to various technical indicators of the market.

The other key things in Instaforex Brokers is that they have something called the signing bonus. They provide a part of the opening amount as an additional bonus thus increasing the initial capital. They also have an affiliate program to improve their reach among people and also host various contests to give traders extra money earning possibilities, which makes it look very lucrative. The other benefits of Instaforex Brokers is that they allow the account to be opened at as less as 1 dollar, and the smallest of the bids allowed are as less as 0.01 lot, which is 1000 dollars. This makes Instaforex Brokers useful for people who want to play with small amounts.

However, there are various people who claim to have been scammed by this platform. The company at least has a lot of rules as to how it perceives the bonus amount is awarded and can be used and this creates some sort of complexities since the platform automatically cancels deals which it thinks are not legitimate. However, there are also a lot of people who testify that the system works wonderfully well for them and the quick and prompt Paypal service is what makes it even more wonderful, and there are people who have gotten thousands of dollars as bonus as well. The other drawback of this system is that it does not support Mobile MT4 for trading.

All in all, Insta forex is not a recommended broker! I’ve been scammed by them myself, multiple users have commented about being scammed, and on top of that they continue to try to spam my blog with fake positive comments on this post to make it look like all is well over there.

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Overall Rating

  • angel_piptos - Posts:
    September 4, 2014
    Reply #1

    Horrible broker with a terrible support team which is never available all day by email, live chat or phone. As far as I know, this is the only broker which has something like this. I realized that InstaForex don’t care about its clients.

  • koichipip - Posts:
    September 2, 2014
    Reply #2

    Personally, i think instaforex is a scam broker. My trading experience has been horrifying with this broker, with tooth pulling withdrawals and market manipulations with the prices. I do NOT recommend this broker to anyone.

  • Zakir Hussain - Posts:
    December 22, 2013
    Reply #3

    All of you friends be aware of that it is not fault of instaforex regarding Liberty reserve, actually Liberty reserve processor finished, thats why no one can withdraw funds who have deposited funds by Liberty reserves. It is the answer of blame on Instaforex,
    so you should deposit fund via master card, skrill or wire transfer it is the safe way for withdraws

  • Manie - Posts:
    December 19, 2013
    Reply #4

    Support team is so excellent!

  • natty - Posts:
    October 21, 2013
    Reply #5

    I love it , I used for 2 years, it easy to withdraw and full of service minded.

  • PntomPip - Posts:
    October 7, 2013
    Reply #6

    Questions have been answered promptly – receive daily statements-receive monthly interest. And yes now and then get disconnected but when I wanted to TP whilst disconnected, I rang them gave them the trade number etc and they have adjusted the trade no issue at all. Nice people to deal with.

  • Mayjo - Posts:
    August 28, 2013
    Reply #7

    Excellent brokerage in my experience. Emphasis is placed on education and providing an excellent service rather than making money for the brokerage. Very quick response to any questions, submitted either through the help desk, or through the unique MT5 forum

  • Mariah - Posts:
    May 30, 2013
    Reply #8

    Instaforex is a scam broker they have trapped funds of all traders who deposited via LIBERTY RESERVE for 6 months, This is A RED flag they may close down before the next 6 months and run away, they also will withdraw 50% of clients initial deposit after the six months…….. this is a big scam BEWARE BEWARE OF INSTAFOREX

  • Forex Indonesia - Posts:
    February 12, 2013
    Reply #9

    I’ve been trading forex for 2 years Instaforex. Until now there has never been a problem. Hopefully will keep well.

  • aries - Posts:
    October 14, 2012
    Reply #10

    hy, i’m new trade on instaforex, but i have question about EA on instaforex,
    is the EA Fap Turbo, Megadroid or Forex Hacked work on instaforex…?
    maybe someone can give me some explain about it’s, thanks before and good luck for all

  • mike watt - Posts:
    August 20, 2012
    Reply #11

    someone can tell me if they have micro accounts?
    I have read it sometime ago I dont know were.
    but I have search in theys and and dont see anything about micro accounts :/

  • shobhit dalmia - Posts:
    March 10, 2011
    Reply #12


    i have started my account with instaforex on 20 feb 2011 and the growth level is very good.–50-monthly/90762

  • marco - Posts:
    December 30, 2010
    Reply #13

    I have been trading since july 2010 and its a good broker the payments are at time.
    Good trades for all

  • dudu - Posts:
    September 12, 2010
    Reply #14

    just to say that instaforex does support mt4 mobile. very good platform but liberty reserve withdrawals do take upto 5 days sometimes. in all, very good broker.

    • IFX Gertrude - Posts:
      August 29, 2013
      Reply #15

      Dear Dudu,

      InstaForex clients can download free of charge and install one of the most popular trading platforms MT4 on Android mobile devices. After the application has been installed, you get a direct access and opportunity to manage your trading account using all available features. You can conduct financial operations, carry out technical analysis and occupy yourself with chart plotting. This application provides vast opportunities for successful trading.

      have a nice day!

  • Agung - Posts:
    August 29, 2010
    Reply #16

    Nice broker… fast deposit and withdrawal process, less requote and helpful customer service

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