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MT4 Build 445 Update

New build 445 has just been made available for all Metatrader 4 users. I wanted to start this post to give you all an opportunity to discuss the update, including any issues with it. We all know that Metaquotes loves to use us as their beta testers and many of their updates bring up a lot of new issues with expert advisors in particular.

mt4 445

Here are the main features of build 445:

  1. Terminal: Added integration of MetaTrader 4 client terminal with MQL5.Signals service. Now, all users having MQL5 accounts can subscribe to trading signals.     The client terminal will copy trading signals with minimum delay according to the specified signal settings.
  2. Terminal: Fixed translation of the interface into Japanese.
  3. MQL4: Fixed an error in IsConnected() function that could  sometimes erroneously indicate the absence of connection to the trade  server.
  4. MQL4: Added working with the pipes including the named ones using File* functions for working with the files.
  5. Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.


Please feel free to comment as you please.

  • steven - Posts:
    November 27, 2012
    Reply #1

    I was Running 2 computer , 1 with Windows & the other with Linux, make me suprised with Linux I don’t have any problem, For a weeks running mt4 even 445, no crash & stable connection, and so responsive when running EA on it, Well I’m gonna say goodbye Windows & welcome Linux

  • Chaminda - Posts:
    November 19, 2012
    Reply #2

    Now I can’t run my EA after update pls help me to solve this

    • Jonny - Posts:
      November 27, 2012
      Reply #3

      Did your broker force the update or did you manually update? Most brokers won’t update to the new version until several months later like FXDD does as other brokers. Never giddily update to latest MT4 build.

      • Jonny - Posts:
        November 27, 2012
        Reply #4

        For example, FXDD is still on build 434.

  • Ronald - Posts:
    November 19, 2012
    Reply #5

    version 445 sucks big time… When trying to load a ‘set’-file, the thinkforex Mt4 (but also others) simply freezes and won’t correct itself, so you have to close it, time after time. These guys should be ashamed to bring out a piece of crap like this update 445!

  • jonny - Posts:
    November 12, 2012
    Reply #6

    I don’t have to worry about this. FXDD only updates after thet thoroughly tests the updates.

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