MyEA Azil Review

System: MyEA Azil Review

Description: MyEA Azil, has been completely revised and put into operation since the first days of September 2015. This release includes improvements on our algorithms, and reoptimization, obtaining more stable results. You may notice this because we have changed the ratio risk/reward, which the pips gained on average per operation are over 30 pips, making expentancy in pips greatly improve, and therefore no problems will cover the commission it charges myfxbook.

MyEA Azil, now includes several trend and range strategies. Open a single operation by strategy / pair. It is not common, but having several strategies may have more than one operation per pair at a given time, each with its own strong stop losse, according to the strategy. Now the risk incurred in each operation is commonly less than 1% and rarely came to 1.5%.

*** Statistics BT 2001-2015 All strategies/pairs ***
PF = 1.41
Win = 55.69%
Pips = 89475.18
Trades = 16260
Expectancy = 5.5 pips
Avg gain = 34.14 pips
Avg loss = – 30.5 pips
Stagnation = 90 days
Avg Month in loss = 2 per year
Yearly avg % return > 100.00%
Max DD (2001-2015) = 20%
% DD Month =16% (Ago2008), 12% (Jun2004), 8% (Nov2014)
Strategy Quality Number pips: 17.56
Max Correlation inter strategies / pairs = 0.07

Type of Trading: Real

Broker: ActivTrades

Started: Feb 17, 2014

Views: 7476

Tracking: 61 users







Overview: MyEA Azil Review Myfxbook system has made +38% in 1287 trades since Feb 17, 2014. The average winning trade is about16.65 pips / $10.06, and the average trade with a loss around -28.93 pips / -$17.69. Trades are left open on average for 7h 13m.

(389/612) 63% is the winning percentage of its buy trades and (445/675) 65% is the winning percentage of its sells.

(Oct 03) 93.0 was the best trade it ever produced. (Aug 24) -91.3 was the worst.

Pros & Cons


  • It doesn’t appear to be a scalper, which is good
  • Uses a SL of 28.933617, could be trouble
  • Drawdown has only reached 28.2, looking good so far!