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  • goldfinger - Posts:
    March 12, 2012
    Reply #1

    come on traders. why will pay for macd 26,52 ,18. all thses bs about banks trading system makes me laugh.

  • Pipper - Posts:
    September 26, 2011
    Reply #2

    I’ve been testing it for a couple of weeks with mixed results… To start their support is awful, actually, never answered my e-mails. I’m using it in 4h frame, and had a few good 100+ pips trades… however, and this is frustrating… there are times that the red or green squares appear… and everything is set to enter a trade just to realize after a few hours or minutes that the square disappeared and the trade went 100 pips against you… latest fiasco… red square showed up last friday on 4h aud cad @ 1.0017 MP-32 AT 0.0078, entered short… less than an hour later the redsquared moved to 1.0060…, and now mp is -12and I’m 50pips behind my entry price.
    Sent them an e-mail asking for some assistance last week… have yet to hear from them.
    I’d use this system just for confirmation,not rely entirely on them… but I wouldn’t pay the price… I’d rather get it for free

  • John - Posts:
    August 18, 2011
    Reply #3

    Thx Warren -update is really helpful…up to you but if i were you i may do the unthinkable 🙂 and manually enter a TP of 80-100 pips if the system seems to reach that? Time frame info was really helpful also…I tend to shoot myself in the foot using trailing stops but if you’re any good at those that may be an option once trade is in flow? Thx again and happy pip collecting to you 🙂

  • warren - Posts:
    August 18, 2011
    Reply #4

    dear fellow trader,

    i alpari demo account has been disabled twice on VPS after i put this EA on. anyone has simialr experience on any EA? what could the possible reason. all the other MT4 runs perfect at the same time. regards

    • John - Posts:
      August 19, 2011
      Reply #5

      Hi Warren – thats happened to me a couple of tymes… once i had to totally abandon the EA in question – other times one reason turned out to be I needed to download the latest version of MT4 form my broker… another one was it didnt like other EA’s on same account…. and last but not least one broker – Alpari actually told me it was because i downloaded the latest MT4 platform upgrade it prompted me to upgrade on!! and to reinstall the old one. I would first check your version of MT4 – send a note to your broker if unsure and try that one first…then maybe if oyu haev other ea’s on it – it might not like that… good luck …

  • warren - Posts:
    August 17, 2011
    Reply #6

    the first GBP last 3 hours
    the second GBP was 2.5 hours
    the EUR trade was 18 hours – once a time it made over 100 pips but no exit… then stop loss.
    the third GBP trade over a day and again, at a time it made over 100 pips but no exit. i think the EA indeed have some super good entry but the exit strategy seems need to be improve.

    by the way, the surports are super.

  • John - Posts:
    August 16, 2011
    Reply #7

    Thx Warren – please keep us posted on your results. The manual system on second viewing does look decent but i do still hold out that it isnt the easiest to digest on first viewing.. even the installation of the files presumes a person knows which files are templates and indicators…A newbie wouldnt. The manual system seems to be decent although I am still woking on my api (or whatever its called) to get my exit and take profits correct. If poss can you also advise how long (roughly) the system holds onto trades… thanks again

  • John - Posts:
    August 16, 2011
    Reply #8

    Thx Warren – pse keep us posted. The manual system looks decent on second viewing – but I still say not the easiest to digest for a newbie… I am still trying to work out my API or whatever its called (to determine the exit and profit levels correctly) – it doesnt seem to ever change..always seems to be at 12 on my chart – sure thats not right but overall manual system does look decent. Results on the GBP – It is a fast moving currency – I havent quite warmed to that one yet altho am aware the potential earnings on it are greater than eur/usd – its just a bit too fast for my liking – Other Ea’s I have tested have tended to go crazy – I would have personally stuck with the eur/usd.. Anyway – We look forward to hearing your further results. Thank you I only have the manual system presently.

  • warren - Posts:
    August 16, 2011
    Reply #9

    hi guys, still testing it. i have two losing trades on GBP yesterday and my current EUR trade is profitable. i am using EA not manual mode. the user manual is the best i have ever seen but the EA itself is remain to be seen

  • John - Posts:
    August 15, 2011
    Reply #10

    Abdulmajeed – Thx for update on FAPTURBO – yes – I;ve had mine turned off for ages – un- impressed so the new tapburbo news is good news. I must add that altho pips accumulator hasnt made it clear that what you initially sign up for is a manual system – monthly subscription – and you need to shell out more for the ea – their customer service is actually very good. If they are any good they should really have been more upfront on what you were getting on signup. Order stating Full package to me means the ea as well. I am sure that wasnt an accident in wording.

  • John - Posts:
    August 14, 2011
    Reply #11

    Update – the download page goes to a site to purchase a monthly subscription. This is a manual system – monthly subscription and doesnt on initial viewing look too easy to digest. To purchase the EA you must go t o the next option and shell out another set of money £197 plus vat. I cant comment on the system as yet – but I can on the marketing selling tactics – Unclear and misleading! This is sold by the famous un-customer friendly pimlus guys so another concern parting with further money here. I remain unconvinced,

    • Abdulmajeed - Posts:
      August 14, 2011
      Reply #12

      Keep the good work mate.
      I just got their message.
      Not interested.
      The only EA I’m looking forward to at the moment is the soon-to-come new Fap Turbo. The developers said a few months to the release about a month ago. The current Fap Turbo isn’t that big of a deal anymore.

  • John - Posts:
    August 12, 2011
    Reply #13

    An interesting one – a lady speaker for a change with a story of woe and success. States the same system used in banks but doesnt say how she got hold of a copy of it… As a PA she obviously didnt make it herself or buy it from the banks? – Ummm – I am trying not to be cynical but there are so many plausible stories coming out of the woodwork at the moment. it is hard not to be cyncial. I await real evidence and facts.

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