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Prime4x Broker Review (Prime Forex Mt4)

Prime4x Broker Review

Foreign Exchange is a financial market for the trading of currencies. As there is huge margin of profit and loses in this kind of marketing, you need to have a good knowledge before you start investing in this business. Forex brokers and online Forex brokers can guide you in investing for the right currency at the right time. A Forex Broker can assist big firms and also individuals, and in turn collects fee for his services. A Forex broker may use his own personal experience or rely on forex softwares to advice you. If you are thinking to take the help of a broker then it is very vital to choose a seasoned, trust worthy broker. There are many tips available in the web which can assist you in finding a Forex broker. Prime4x is one such online forex broker which has been functioning since 2005.

Prime4x objectives as claimed in its website is to offer a secure and reliable online trading environment with a wide range of financial solutions aimed towards addressing the needs of big firms and also individual investors. Prime4x was awarded as the best Forex broker of 2009 at the 5th Middle East Forex Trading Expo. Prime4x website looks very impressive, with their customer support staff readily available for chat, addressing your issues and concerns regarding your business with them. It allows traders to start trading with minimum $100 deposit. They provide you with few learning materials from which you get a fair idea of the forex market along with Prime4x packages and bonuses you will be covered with. You can find good reviews by a set of satisfied customers about their work.

Again, with all these bonuses and facilities offered by the company should not be a yardstick to measure the performance of that company. You need to browse in general discussion boards looking for the reviews.  FPA – Forex Peace Army is one such free service community dedicated to forex marketing and broker reviews. You can find mixed reviews about Prime4x, among which the withdraw issue seems to be of a major concern. Many investors complain it takes a touch too long to withdraw the money from them. Few reviews also tell Prime4x online forex brokerage is a scam. No matter, if you have decided to choose a broker for your assistance in this kind of trading, you need to take all advantages and disadvantages into consideration on your own. Selecting a good forex broker can make the difference between the profits and losses for you in this type of trading.

Overall Rating

  • Jeremiah - Posts:
    March 27, 2011
    Reply #1

    I would recommend Forex-Metal instead of that scammer. This is really decent and reliable broker.

  • vincent - Posts:
    November 23, 2010
    Reply #2

    Prime4x is a scam – check this website:

  • dudu - Posts:
    September 12, 2010
    Reply #3

    worst broker. can never withdraw funds. they deduct it from your account and never send it. stay away from them

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