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Ray Scalper V1.9 Review And Discussion

Review Of The Ray Scalper V1.9 EA.

Released: 03/19/2013

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Ray Scalper V1.9 EURUSD M15 Support/Resistance Levels True Automatic Aver 25 pips Aver 60 pips Website

Ray Scalper V1.9 Results:

Ray Scalper V1.9 Licensing and Price:
US$ 350 for Life time license
Valid for 2 real and 2 demo accounts
AvanGate is Payment Processor
No Refund Policy

Ray Scalper V1.9 Strategy:
Ray Scalper is based on the concept of ray tracing. Support/Resistances are calculated using Fibonacci levels, weekly classical pivots and other standard methods. These levels are considered as objects. The EA close of every 15 minute bar the EA shoots out rays in both long and short directions. The default target price (H1 ATR) is placed at distance about 6 hours. Rays which were able to reach the target without cutting across any support/resistance levels are considered for trading. The EA opens a long or short trade based on the best possible ray’s direction. Stoploss is placed at 4x the H1 ATR. This allows the EA enough room to close trades which does not work immediately in its favor.

Ray Scalper V1.9 Recommended Brokers:
FX Open and Iam FX are two brokers to consider when trading with any EA. This vendor recommends the following brokers: Works well on all brokers


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Ray Scalper V1.9 has not been officially approved for purchase yet.

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    March 31, 2013
    Reply #1

    FOREX RAY SCALPER Initial Reaction: Upon visiting their website, I had 3 immediate reactions:

    1. The website was impressive as was their apparent attention to detail. This clearly was a website that was developed with far more thought and depth than the average EA hype website we see. If the average reader / Forex newbie simply excepts this more impressive presentation at face value, a sale will likely be made, albeit despite the relatively high price tag – $350.00.

    2. However – it may still be of the same class as all the others.

    I say this because despite all of their diatribe on how the EA was developed and how it works – they apparently back-tested using the most basic and untrustworthy method – using MT4 and its data. Notice the 90% model quality. Anyone knows that the modeling quality MUST be higher to be valid – reference Birt or other responsible testers. Any legitimate EA developer should describe what method, specifically, they use to back test – and state, clearly, how reliable their back-test method is, in my opinion.

    3. And yes they present the logic – from their perspective – as to why they offer no money back guarantee. Sounds reasonable at first. BUT – – the reality is that, the product, as with any product – MUST perform as promised or it is simply another misleading scam. telling us it WILL perform is simply not good enough.

    Their refusal to put their “money” in a sense where their mouth is, suggests simply that it is just another EA that will may do well, for a brief period, then blow up – as do most. Their refusal to guarantee their product is unacceptable.

    Finally, I did not purchase the EA, this is simply my opinion after reading some of their advertising material. I may be completely incorrect. Do your own homework and form your own opinion.

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