The USDBOT ea was a stolen copy of a free expert advisor called Opto123. Both trade the EURUSD D1 chart.

[private_bronze]Download Opto123 EA here!

Download settings to mimick USDBOT here![/private_bronze]

  • exforexbroker Reply
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 0:38 am

    Wow, i never new this about the USDBOT. I remember when i was a forex broker many traders asked if i heard anything about it. Many in fact purchased it. I dont think not one of those guys are still trading the same account. Contact me if you want my opinion on the many other “commerical EA’s”.

    • Matthew Reply
      Mar 21, 2012 @ 19:26 pm

      exforexbroker, I am sure you would know what EAs have worked for clients in the past when you worked as a broker.
      1. What is your opinion on some of the best performing EAs out there?
      2. Would you recommend any (you can now that you are not a broker 🙂 )?
      3. Do you use any personally? If so, what have your results been?