April 11th to 16th Forex Robot Performance Summary

Top 3 performing robots for this week:

  1. Forex Hacked : $379 profit   –   $1143 Total Profit
  2. Ivybot (Custom Settings) :  $331 Profit  –    $331 Total Profit (Just started this week)
  3. Caliber FX Pro$181 Profit    –    $239 Total Profit


Other notables:

FRWC HiRider has managed to climb back into profits sitting at just over 5% profit.

Mega Droid and FAP Turbo are all barely in profit with, both with 19 trades and about a 90% winning rate. However Mega Droid has a higher avg loss size than FAP Turbo. They were originally set to trade micro lots of 0.01 which we can now see is way too conservative, so I have increased the lot size of both up to 0.1. I guess we will see how these two commercial juggernauts perform next week.

Other than that there are no real big stories or surprises… Black Panther remains in the hole at about a 50% equity loss along with FRWC LMD Currency after both having tough starts. Can they make the climb back with very little margin room? Time will tell.

Other News:

It was revealed that FX Zapper is a scam, being a complete copy of a free EA called XBars MA Scalper developer by Funyoo.

Delphi Scalper is a new Trading System being release next Wednesday that has been creating a lot of hype. The available information and videos they have provided thus far seem quite intriguing and I will definitely be making a purchase to see how it works.

That’s all for now, Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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