ArgonDragonPremium Review

System: ArgonDragonPremium Review

Description: Automated trading system based on over 5 years back testing.

Type of Trading: Real

Broker: AxiTrader

Started: Sep 26, 2014

Views: 134

Tracking: 0 users

Currency Pairs: EURGBP, NZDUSD






Overview: ArgonDragonPremium Review Myfxbook system has made +28% in 1419 trades since Sep 26, 2014. The average winning trade is about9.11 pips / A$85.81, and the average trade with a loss around -21.18 pips / -A$136.65. Trades are left open on average for 22h 24m.

(400/591) 67% is the winning percentage of its buy trades and (545/828) 65% is the winning percentage of its sells.

(May 06) 180.6 was the best trade it ever produced. (May 06) -322.0 was the worst.

Pros & Cons


  • Large stoploss, be careful.

  • Possibly a scalper, most of the wins are below 10 pips. Translation: finding a broker that will let you trade like this is next to impossible|
  • Risk of large drawdowns
  • SL:TP ratio is too big

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