AvaFX Broker Review (Ava FX)

AvaFX Broker Review

Foreign Exchange market involves the trading of different nation currencies. With a daily trade of more than 3 trillion USD, it is apparently the largest market in the world. If you are intending to start involving yourself in a forex trade, it is must that you need to have a minimum basic knowledge about the currency market. Once you enter this trade, it is not easy to sustain here as it requires you to make a good guess like which currency to invest on, how much to invest, what is the right time to invest, right time to withdraw etc. The guessing work of the market is easier said than done as it may result in heavy losses for every wrong guess of yours. Hence, many people tend to take the help of Forex brokers, online forex brokers, softwares like expert advisors and so on.  AvaFX is one such world’s leading online forex trading broker since 2006.

AvaFX has a well maintained website which is very user friendly, with set of their customer supporting staff being ready to chat with you anytime to answer your queries and concerns regarding their business. You can start your trading business with a minimum amount of $100. The registration process is very easy. You can even do registration and trading rehearsals before starting with the real money. Accounts can be funded through PayPal, Western Union, webmoney and Credit cards. Registering using credit cards grants instant access to the investors. AvaFX uses a downloadable Forex trading platform known as the Ava Trader which maintains a good user interface through which a newbie can easily start trading. Above all these, there are many good reviews to be seen on the web for AvaFX. Satisfied customers of AvaFX have quoted that they have received several bonuses and other facilities with AvaFX and are happy continuing their business with them.

On the other side, you can also find reviews from few customers about them being unorganized even though they maintain a smooth depositing and withdrawal activities. Overall, there are no much scams associated with this company, but you need to be extra careful and do the necessary home work finding out the best online forex brokers before committing to any one of the companies. It is good to read the reviews in general discussion forms, and message boards where you get to find the honest reviews about any forex brokerage firms prior to your investment with them.

Overall Rating

  • CHRIS Reply
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 17:41 pm


  • chris Reply
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 0:41 am

    A Great Broker….give them a big plus+++++…well organised spreads low and no commission on the deals….easy withdraw and fast.Also bonus with deposits. Great ….give them a try…Regards, Chris.

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