Chronic Forex System Review

Chronic Forex

Chronic Forex is a new forex system recently released with more hype and less results. Their sales page now says they are sold out and to join their mailing list (so they can market you more garbage later on). From what I seen on their sales page before it was sold out I didn’t see anything special. A few screenshots of what were said to be live accounts but we all know they really aren’t. A few images of expensive cars to make you think you could one day own one with the profit of the “Chronic Forex” system, yea right!

This appears to be from the same developers that brought you Forex Jerk, so if you had a bad experience with that I would suggest staying away from this one.

You know when you leave their page and you get 4 popups asking if you’re sure you want to leave and offering discounted prices that they are desperate to sell you, and then most likely try to upsell you.

My advice is to stay clear of this one, if you really want to try it I would suggest waiting for other traders to chime in with their experiences with it thus far.

If you have any experience with Chronic Forex and or any information on it feel free to leave a comment below discussing.


  • moneygrows Reply
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 3:59 am

    ive just started running it on demo account. Lets see how it does, lol!

    • john Reply
      Jan 20, 2012 @ 12:20 pm

      Interesting!…the ad ‘story’ was pretty wild….if it works at all please let me know; this is a good time to test a bot. I’ve been using an ea that has worked quit well since mid november ….but in the last 3 days, on a pepperstone account that “had” been up 30% since Dec30 has now bombed and lost almost all of those gains as of today Jan 20.

      Any bot that has done ‘ok’ the past few days is worth using. If this chronic bot does not lose or looses only minimally since you got it then we need to talk ( can’t get it now all sold out)
      I also think you should try the bot I run at least on demo; as it would be good to compare results

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