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Delphi Scalper Trading System Review (

Delphi Scalper is a revolutionary new trading system that takes scalping style trading outside the box. Basically what it does is teach you when to scalp, what currency pairs to scalp, and most importantly how to manage your open trades. The real potential I see in this system is their ability to determine whether or not to leave a trade for more profits. I am talking about 70-100 pip profit!! That doesn’t sound like scalping to me, but trust me it is.

The guys that put this Delphi Scalper trading system together seem to have stumbled upon something very special. The ability to scalp consistently is one thing, but to turn a 5-10 pip scalp trade into a 70-100+ pip trade is certainly something special. Just think of all those scalping EA’s that you watch close trades so early and then you see the market continue to move in that trades favour where you could have made 50+ more pips easily. That is where the Delphi Scalper system shines, it really does.

Another great aspect of the DelphiScalper system is its profitability factor. Their system seems full proof for closing losing trades before they get too ugly, and holding on to ones that have a high probability of turning around.

This DelphiScalper trading system is going to be big, mark my words!

  • brandon Reply
    Oct 3, 2010 @ 15:09 pm

    Hi Admin, your opinion on the delphi scalper as of today please..tks.

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