FAP Ultra Review (FAPUltra Testing)

Review of the FAP Ultra EA

Launches May 25, 2010

EA NameCurrency PairsTimeframeStrategyECN4&5 DigitsTake ProfitStop LossHome Page
FAP UltraEURUSDH1N/AYesYesUnknownUnknownFAP Ultra

Performance ( FAP Ultra EA Test Results)


FAP Ultra is being sold through regnow for $119.99. A single license includes use of 3 accounts, demo or live.


FAP Ultra has very little documentation  about strategy on their site. It claims to be constructed using code from the better performing EA’s out there with some tweaking and optimizing. I guess time will tell before these strategies are revealed.

Recommended Brokers

FX Open is a great broker for running robots with it’s tight spreads and great execution time during all hours of the day.


Not much is known about FAP Ultra just yet, they have kept the lid sealed tight on this one. It doesn’t appear to have any relation to FAP Turbo as it does not use their traditional long sales page, nor is it with Clickbank. The results seem too good to be true, live trading since 2009? Wow! Can’t wait to get my copy to see what this thing is capable of.

Safe To Buy?


FAP Ultra has been approved for purchase because of its 30 day money back guarantee with regnow.

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