Forex Goldenway EA Review | #1 SFTC EA

Forex Goldenway Is a forex robot from the Sure Fire Trading Challenge that placed 1st overall in their trading competition. The SFTC competition consisted of 20 different forex robots that were traded on $1000 accounts over the course of one month(from September 15th to October 15th). The Forex Golden Way made a gain of 365% during this time period trading all the major currency pairs.

It’s risk to reward ratio is very respectable. The average losing trade was about 30 pips and the average winning trade is roughly 50 pips. It has two losses around 90 pips which were the biggest losses but then it has some wins at 300+ pips.  The winning trades versus losing trades was 35:28 with a profit factor of 2.17.

This is all well and dandy, but what do these results really mean? They are privately owned and displayed results, meaning there is the possibility of them being easily manipulated. My question is, if this system really did pull of these kinds of results, why wouldn’t they want to publish them on every third part verification site like myfxbook, mt4stats etc… It’s only going to improve their credibility.

There is no sales page for this Forex Golden Way EA yet, but I’m sure there will be one day. I just find it odd that they are selling their #2 ranked EA before their #1, perhaps a marketing strategy?

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