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Review of the Robot Morning Trade EA

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Forex Morning TradeGbpUsd15 MinutesShort TermYesYes40 pips40 pipsForex Morning Trade

Performance (Forex Morning Trade EA Test Results)


The Forex Morning Trade is sold for 97$ through Clickbank


Forex Morning Trade Trade Strategy

Designing a profitable EA with 1:1 Risk/Reward ratio is a remarkable achievement. The EA trades on Early London session and sets up a 40 pips target and a 40 pips stoploss! Awesome risk ratio isn’t it?

according to the backtests of this, the strategy is not that profitable. The EA will loose a lot and win a lot. You just don’t know when this constant wins will turn into constant losses.


Forex Morning Trade Recommended Brokers

FX Open and Iam FX are two brokers to consider when trading forex robots.



We just had to comment about the Vendor’s transparency. He is showing screenshots of Demo results for picked up trading periods. That’s a one huge red flag right there. This Vendor does have a myfxbook, just not showing on his website!

As far as the EA Backtests, we found results from recent years to be acceptable. Anything before that was not so impressive.

The EA however is still profitable and genuine!


Safe To Buy?


the Forex Morning Trade has been approved for purchase just for the fact it offers 60 days money back guarantee.

Forex Morning Trade Overall Rating

  • Jack Maverick Reply
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 14:27 pm

    Marc, this system’s developer, is honest – a very rare and precious commodity in this business – I have dealt with him personally, just as a fellow trader. He doesn’t over-hype the system, claim that it’s the Holy Grail, or that you will double your money every ten minutes with it. He offers it as a well-designed strategy that uses good money management (minimizes losses) and that has been very nicely profitable in the past two years since he first made it available. I’d suggest trying it out – it does come with a money-back guarantee. I’ve seen much WORSE systems selling for much MORE.

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