Forex Samurai EA Review (ForexSamurai Test Results)

Review of the Forex Samurai EA

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Performance (Forex Samurai EA Test Results)


Forex Samurai is available through Plimus uses a monthly recurring subscription costing $147 per month. You can cut this down by exiting the page a few times and getting up to a 50% discount 🙂


Forex Samurai gives you a slave EA that is connected to their master EA which sends the trade signals to you and every other customer. This is a great way of getting results exactly like the developer.

Recommended Brokers

FX Open and Iam FX are two great brokers for running robots with their tight spreads and great execution time during all hours of the day.


Forex Samurai claims to have 17 months of live testing taking a $10,000 account to $180k. There is an abundance of results to be seen on their very long sales page which makes buyers very intrigued to buy whether the results are real or not. I have been reading some pretty good things about Forex Samurai so I am curious to try it myself. They even offer an 80 day money back guarantee instead of the typical 60 day. I will try to get an account up with it this week for you guys. I will update my conclusion when I learn more.

Safe To Buy?


Forex Samurai has been approved for purchase because of its 80 day money back guarantee with Plimus.

Overall Rating

  • Reny4jah Reply
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 13:04 pm


    The account page you put up there is not active. Have you actually started the test on this EA?

    Like you said above, a number of individuals have said some nice things about this EA. But it is hard to believe without hard evidence from independent sites like yours.

    I also noticed it is not on the list of robots in the stat page. When are u starting the test?

  • wildeactive Reply
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 13:01 pm

    Q: Are you selling your own EA’s together with some specialist??
    tks. for a prompt answer

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