Forex SmartScalper 1.1 Review

Review of the Smart Scalper 1.1 EA

EA NameCurrency PairsTimeframeStrategyECN4&5 DigitsTake ProfitStop LossHome Page
Smart Scalper 1.1GbpUsd1 HourScalpingYesYesDynamic150 pips

Performance (Smart Scalper EA Test Results)


Forex Smart Scalper is sold for 349$ through Paypal

Will provide upgrades for one year, after that you need to pay for updates?



Forex Smart Scalper strategy uses what appears a dynamic 150 pips Stoploss and a dynamic 10 pips target. We don’t have a copy of the EA to provide more details on how targets and stoplosses are timed and how far the EA could sink in a loss. But obviously, those 150 pips stoplosses could get hit in full if the Market moves fast enough.

We are very aware of such strategies, they are similar to startegies which use a static 15:1 Risk/Reward ratio, except that this one may take a longer time to blow-up.
And that is most likely the reason why they are showing backtests of less than one year total !


Smart Scalper Recommended Brokers

FX Open and Iam FX are two brokers to consider when trading forex robots.



Until they provide ATLEAST 5 years of backtest results for Smart Scalper, which we are confident they won’t dare to do so. This EA remains with a big question Mark around the stability of its performance.

The forward test however is for two months only and is on Demo. despite the fact they mark their software as “safe”, they still wont dare to invest a penny in it !!


Safe To Buy?

Forex Smart Scalper has not been approaved for purchase  just for the fact they are using Paypal as a payment method (So don’t even dream of a refund if you purchase), until they provide at least 4 months of real test on real money, and post backtests for at least 5 years period. This system will remain unsafe to buy.


Forex Smart Scalper Overall Rating

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