FX Big Cat Scalper SCAM (BigCat Scalper = Euronis v4200)


Well it looks like another EA has been copied. This time it’s Forex Big Cat Scalper being a copy of the Euronis v4200 EA. This has no been 100% confirmed yet, but from their live myfxbook trades, check all the high spread pairs entry/exit time, their lot sizes, they definitely use the cross-over mode like the approach used in Euronis.

It is highly unlikely that the two EAs are different.

Euronis v4200 is not a free EA, it has a $150 price tag, or free if you register under the developers affiliate ID for one of his brokers.

Forex Big Cat Scalper has a price tag of $997 via Paypal!

  • Sam kern Reply
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 17:50 pm

    Would you recommend euronis 4200?

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