FX Loophole System Review – Forex Loophole Scam?

Review Of The FX Loophole System.

Released: 11/23/2010

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Forex Loophole Results:

The results this vendor is showing on it’s sales page are all backtests. He even shows a backtests and labels it as “Live Proof”, when clearly its not. This is always a big red flag in terms of the actual vendors integrity and their products actual performance. The fact that they are willing to lie about their results, but not commit the money or even time to actually test it should answer your question if you should buy it or not.

Licensing and Price:
Product Price : $37 initially, then $70 recurring each month

FX Loophole Strategy:
The exact strategy is unknown as I don’t have a copy of this system yet and their site obviously doesn’t explain much about how it works. Looking at their backtests though it has a risk:reward ration of 10:1 meaning that for every lose, you will have to win 10 trades to recover and break even. Not a ratio I would be very comfortable with especially going on pure backtest results with no live or even demo trading statements.


Recommended Brokers:
FX Open, Iam FX or Instaforex are a few MT4 brokers to consider when trading automated systems.



It really drives me nuts when vendors continue to post backtests and label them as live results, so I am going to give no mercy on this one and not recommend it what so ever. If you feel like wasting your time or money and then end up requesting for a refund a few weeks later, then by all means buy this crap.


Safe To Buy?



FX Loophole was not approved for purchase because the sales page lies about backtests being labeled as live results.

Overall User Rating                                                                                                                                                 Forex Cheater

  • tim Reply
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 16:19 pm

    So far, no losses here. Drawdown not what I like but not insufferable.

  • Weston Reply
    Dec 7, 2010 @ 19:15 pm

    I’ve been testing on a demo account for two weeks. So far, not even ONE trade. This EA will probably turn out to be crap.

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