GridZilla Expert Advisor Review (Grid Zilla EA)

Review of Gridzilla Expert Advisor (Grid Zilla EA)

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Performance (Forex Gridzilla Expert Advisor Live Test Results)


$995 for one license of Grid Zilla EA.



Gridzilla uses Grid Trading which is a method which lays out a grid of pending orders above and beneath a defined midline. This method of trading is applied in one of two approaches; either Counter-Trend or Trend and uses large numbers of smaller-sized trades.

Recommended Brokers

Our recommended FXOpen or IamFX are no exception and provide great execution time and the best/consistent spreads.



This one is extremely expensive, but comes with some of the most documentation for a single EA I have seen. It appears to have some manual work involved with it where the developers stress not to run it during certain times, or certain market conditions. For a $1000 price tag, Gridzilla should require absolutely no human intervention.

I will put it up on an account for testing using the recommended time filter settings, but will not be monitoring it for certain market conditions. Whatever happens with it, happens.


Overall Rating

  • Hiren Reply
    Apr 5, 2011 @ 5:24 am

    are you still testing gridzilla? what are the result, As I know gridzilla cant work 24hrs itself like fully automatic EA. But It can be more profitable unlike EA, if we know how to use it properly. for this EA we should have good knowledge of S/R. could you please let me know if you getting good result?

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