Ikon-Royal Broker Review (Ikon MT4)

Ikon-Royal Broker Review

Foreign Exchange market involves the trading of one country currency for that of another. Here the person involved in this kind of trading, buys currency, hoping that the currency value may go high in the near future, and when it does, he sells the bought currency making a certain amount of profit. Initially it is a touch too difficult to trade and predict the market, especially if you are a newbie. The process of correct predictions may gradually adhere to you once you are seasoned in Forex trading. There are many online forex broker companies which can assist you to make the essential predictions about the market before investing. Ikon Royal is one such company which came in to existence in 2003 but put themselves online in 2007.

Ikon Royal as evident from their website, is one of the most dedicated in the field of online forex trading. Company’s website looks pretty much ok, but lacks attractive trait. Customer support members would be always ready to assist you in clearing the concerns and queries of any type regarding the trading with them.  You can also take up the free demo via their home page, which can give you a clear idea on forex trading. Ikon Royal is one such company which offers the MetaTrader 4 platform along with the MQL4 programming language, allowing the investors to design their own trading algorithms according to their requirements. The platform although has its own advantages, does not seem to have all the functionalities embedded in it. This company does not look like associated with any kind of scams, though there are few negative reviews about its functioning. The transactions appear to be smooth, fast and efficient. At times they tend to attract the clients by offering them with various kinds of bonuses and packages.

On the other hand, browsing through some of the general discussion forums and message boards you can get to see a few reviews about their lack of pace in functioning. Investors doing business with this company have shared their experiences pointing towards the slowness in the withdrawal. Some people have witnessed as late as 3 months in withdrawing their money back from this company. Such kind of negative testimonials with respect to the withdrawal seems to be prevailing for almost all the companies; hence such kind of reviews should not function as the yardstick to measure the performance of any company.

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