InterBankFX (IBFX) Broker Review

InterBankFX (IBFX) Broker Review

Foreign Exchange Markets at a distance looks like an easy business, but it is associated with a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all individuals. First you need to understand the in and out of this currency market and should be able to make an almost accurate predictions on the market behaviors in the near future. The high degree of leverage offered in this trade can work as you intended at times and also against you at other times. Before investing a hefty amount in the trade with the greed of making quick money, it is very vital for you to understand your investment objectives, your level of experience and the risk factors. There are chances you lose some or all of your money, so you need to invest very wisely. Taking the help of experienced persons, Forex brokers, and Expert Advisor softwares is very helpful to some extent to carry out the trade with profits as you intended.

IBFX is an online forex broker firm which offers trading services to individuals and large institutions. IFBX claims itself as an industry leader with its unique Multibank Liquidity Feed and provider of Forex trading tools. In its website you can see the company boasting of the numerous awards and accolades it has received over the years. It has earned the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year although the year has not been published in their website. As any Forex trading broker’s website you can find a separate column for the live chat with their support team. You have an option to open a Free Demo account and start a dummy trading. This can in turn help you in understanding of the Forex markets and the market related terms and also the company’s products and softwares.

Very few reviews seem to take IBFX side. The good thing a customer can enjoy here is that this company allows microlots even on standard account, easy transfer of money, allows 3 accounts per name and can carry many pairs. Many people are not satisfied with the way IBFX is functioning with their investments. You can find lot of complaints on big slips, Spread Widening at news time is much worse, platform disconnects very often and many more. Over all reviews about this company is not an encouraging factor for any new investor to choose this company for trading. There are lots and lots of negative reviews about this company, so it is advised to invest in this company only at your own risk.

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