Leo Trader Pro EA Review – Is It Worth It?

We’ve come to yet another unbiased review on a forex product promising winning trades – Leo Trader Pro (LTP). There are claims that this is the first ever Neural Net robot to be made publicly available in over two years.

This will be another EA that’s going to be released to the market on December 16, 2010; just in time for the Christmas. If you trade high lots, you may win/lose big money and have the best/worst Christmas of your life.

Let’s get to the details:

Currently developers of Leo Trader Pro are giving investor passwords to the public so they can judge the performance of this forex robot. I personally haven’t had access to the investor account so I can’t state any figures concerning the graceful successes or immaculate failures of this autotrader.

There is however, some information which will give you an idea as to how this robot is performing, which is that; from August 1st, 2010 (when the robot started trading) with a deposit of just $500, the robot has been able to make a profit of over $2,300. That’s about 400% return in about 4 months. Leo Trader Pro doesn’t place many trades. Averagely, it makes about 2 trades daily.

For obvious reasons, the strategy or how this robot trades has not been released and probably never will be unless you buy the robot and study it to know how it operates.

LeoTrader costs $149 but as to whether it’s worth this price or not is in buyers’ power to declare. You may buy this product through Clickbank as far as I know.

This robot promises a lot. What’s more convincing is the fact that they give you investor passwords to verify real live account results. For $149, I will buy Leo Trader. The developers are very transparent with a lot of crucial information which other robot makers won’t provide. There’s no censorship anywhere as far as this robot is concerned so you’re sure to be dealing with honest people.  But of course, you have to always remember,  forex trading comes with a lot of risks!

All the best.

  • Pal Reply
    Feb 2, 2013 @ 19:26 pm

    The entire predicate of LEO TRADER PRO is based upon their advertising campaign. All of their net profits happened before they went live on about Dec 18th and since that time they have been loosing money, yes loosing money on a net monthy basis. Just use their investor password, login into the account and run a report for Dec 18 until today and you will see that they are loosing money and their equity curve is and has been going in one direction DOWN since going public.. how is it that they are 100% winners until the day the start actually taking paying clients and then …. oops losing trades wiping out their winnings. They were running 300 pip stop losses but are still losing so recently the starting trying 330 pip stop losses… oops lost again. soon they will have to disable their investor password and take down the live account as it is going negative for six months now. SCAM! why, because they refuse to explain the above… how they made money until the day the went public and yet have lost every month since then? they refuse to comment.

    I was stupid enough to buy this crap so I am hoping other listen to my tale of woe.

  • shivaji Reply
    Mar 3, 2011 @ 17:54 pm


    send me your expertadviser details

    • John Reply
      Oct 2, 2012 @ 22:27 pm

      Saw the acct with the investor password. Going at a lose for the past 1 year….that’s horrible

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