May 2nd to 7th Forex Robot Performance Summary

Top 4 performing robots for this week:

  1. Forex Hacked : $1396 profit for this week –   $3408 Total Profit
  2. Pip Brains : $811 Profit forex this week – $811 Total Profit (Started testing new version 29th of April)
  3. Black Panther$270 Profit for this week-    -$80 Total Loss (2nd straight top 3 finish in the past 3 weeks)
  4. A.I. Forex Robot$223 Profit –    $223 Total Profit (First week)

What a crazy week this was… With all the financial crisis issues over in Greece, and a typo with some idiot enter a b for billion instead of m for million, the markets were in a frenzy all week long. Here is how the top performers fared.

1. Forex Hacked demo account had a record breaking week, thriving on the up and down markets bring in a whopping $1400 profit. Insane!! One of my live accounts running GBPUSD and EURJPY took a bad hit because of the insane spike on EURJPY. The riskier settings, lower equity and 1:100 leverage were just too much, and it could not hold on, where as the demo, and 2nd live account(running AUDUSD, USDCHF with 1:500 leverage) made it through the week no problem with record profit.

My 2nd Forex Hacked live account brought in a solid $210 profit for this week. (Note I have switched back to the demo settings I am using in the VIP section) They have proved to be much safer.

So 1:100 leverage is too risky imo. Go with 1:200 at most, recommended 1:300 to 1:500.

Forex Hacked $1000 LIVE Micro Account At FX Open

2. Pip Brains new version looking very strong. Looks like the developer delaying the launch to continue optimizing has paid off. It has proved to strive in some of the craziest market conditions we’ve seen in recent months. Lets hope it launches soon!

3. Forex Black Panther continues it’s climb out of its hole getting almost back to par. We could easily see it in the top 5 by the end of this week coming up. I am still hearing reports of people continuing to see success with black panther, and my faith still remains in it. Black Panther has averaged $200 profit per week since changing the settings to a lower risk after it’s first messy week.

4. A.I. Forex Robot was just added to testing the beginning of this week and is already my 2nd over all performer bringing in over $200 profit it’s very first week. With Caliber FX Pro still up and down, AI Robot made no mistake in taking over 2nd spot. Lots of interest in this one already…

Other notables:

My old Ivybot account was witnessing insane draw downs, but also had insane profits but couldn’t hang on and was eventually wiped. I took the account down because it was running a very old, non-supported version with many errors. It leads me to believe it got to where it was by fluke now that I look back at it. I started a new account with Ivybot version 5.2.

Stealpips had its busiest week making 3, yes 3!! trades. But don’t laugh just yet, with a 100% winning percentage it is up 15% overall. Not too bad.

Caliber FX Pro just can’t make up it’s mind on what it wants to do. It seems to hang on to trades way too long, and they end up turning from $200+ in profit, to negative. I will be working on some new settings for Caliber so watch for them.

Forex Brilliance is also making a push after a slow start, keep an eye on this one as well.

Other News:

That’s all for now ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your weekend!

Joe Stevens

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