May 9th to 14th Forex Robot Weekly Performance Summary

Top 4 performing robots for last week:

  1. Reservoir Pips : $1935 Profit for this week- $1978 Total Profit (High risk settings)
  2. Pip Brains : $1762 Profit forex this week – $1970 Total Profit (Started testing new version May 13th (2 days worth of profit!))
  3. Forex Hacked : $936 profit for this week – $4400 Total Profit
  4. Forex Maximizer : $562 Profit $562 Total Profit (First week)

1. Reservoir Pips I am running relatively high risk on this test account, using all 4 EA’s included with the reservoir pips package. Time will tell if this is just a fluke, or if these combination of EA’s can consistently profit.

2. Pip Brains Yet another update with major enhancements and some added risk reduction/control. Took the account from $1000 to $2762 in just 2 days! It looks like this one could be ready soon 🙂

3. Forex Hacked continues it’s consistency bring in another $900+ profit week.

4. Forex Maximizer was just added to testing the beginning of last week and its already in the top 5. Not bad for a robot with a lot of hype behind it, usually the more hype, the worse it performs.

Other notables:

Forex Mega Droid maintains its $400+ profit and is on track to earn a lot more now with higher risk settings.

AI Forex Robot continues to perform strong since testing began. Could be in the top 5 soon.

Other News:

The Forex Revolution launches tomorrow. While I have it on a test account, it has made 0 trades so far in 4 days. However the developer claims that it only trades a few times a week, but they are often big trades. They also have a scalper being released with the package tomorrow, that I do not have being tested yet.

Joe Stevens

  • southernpitbull Reply
    May 18, 2010 @ 23:57 pm

    have you thought about using myfxbook’s site to track the EA’s stats? They’ve got alot more useful stats. and an overall better account overview for what your doing.

    • admin Reply
      May 19, 2010 @ 2:52 am

      I have actually been seriously considering this. It will require a lot of work to change everything over, but I may make the switch in the near future as I like their platform much better.

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