NEW: FAP Turbo 52 Version – What’s New?

The guys over at have release version 52 of their world famous FAP Turbo forex robot. There are many mixed opinions on this ea, while some rave about it, and others detest it. For those interested though, here are the new features Fap Turbo 52 brings:

EURUSD is now supported, and the same scalping strategy is used with modified takeprofit (16) and stoploss (69) values while still trading only during the asian session.

The backtests look solid, as well as their forward test on the new EURUSD scalping.

Other than adding support for EURUSD, there doesn’t appear to be any other updates to Fap Turbos trading algorithm, settings or anything else for that matter.

Should this update entice you to buy, or maybe re-buy for ex-customers? That remains to be seen but the results certainly look solid.

To check out my FAP Turbo 50 review and results click this link. I will be updating it to 52 shortly.

Or visit the FAP Turbo Website Here

  • Karen Reply
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 23:21 pm

    The new version works brilliantly on my very tiny account, slowly and steadily, the best they’ve done so far. The loosing trades are a bit big although there hasn’t been too many. Still rising slowly though, have been very happy with it.

  • settings Reply
    Feb 6, 2011 @ 18:47 pm

    Shat are your current settings for fap turbo. I notice that you just use 3 currency pairs. do you just use these 3 pairs with default settings?

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