Penny Stocks Psychic Review ( pennystockspsychic SCAM )

The Penny Stocks Psychic is a Manual system for the stock market. From the Video, The System set-up is on the Daily time frame.

We don’t have much info about this system, but as always we have to comment about the sales page transparency.

There is no demo or live trading statement display. Only a Video saying “Look! I entered here and exited up there!”

The Vendor does offer a free trial of his trading system however from what we understand. So as far as transparency rating will give this 6 out of 10

Will leave this one to our viewers to comment and post their experience with it.

Update on August 23rd

The same Scammer behind the stealpips and STF SCAM is now behind this Penny Psychic BS. Its been confirmed, BEWARE Folks!

Penny Stocks Psychic Overall Rating

Zero out of 10

  • Investor Reply
    May 2, 2012 @ 21:51 pm

    I have tested this service before and have had no problems. It’s really cheap and definitely worthwhile for research purposes and learning how these stock picking software work. Although you will never know their “method.” Although there may be a scam in the picking software the price and value is not. I have purchased it and received a full refund. It was $7 I was definitely willing to risk. I don’t trade the picks, just study them. Like everything else, some have been killer, others complete dogs.

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