Quantum FX Pro Review ( www.quantumfxpro.com Scam? )

Review of the Quantum FX Pro

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Quantum FX ProUnknownN/AManualYesYesUnknownUnknownwww.quantumfxpro.com

Performance (Quantum FX ProTest Results)


Quantum FX Pro is sold for 47$ through Clickbank


Forex QuantumfxPro Strategy

All we know is that its a manual strategy which we don’t want to bother to analyze.

There is no proof of profitability posted and they don’t have any good reputation.

Forex Robot Name Recommended Brokers

FX Open and Iam FX are two brokers to consider when trading forex robots.



Guys, its really easy to spot lies on scammers sales pages. Just check out what has been written on their sales page:

“””””””About Me: Kishore M, an ex Forex Hedge Fund Manager with CERTIFIED track record. An international investment coach with more than 100,000+ students worldwide. Students include professionals from AMEX, Deutsche Bank, Citibank & REFCO. Interviewed by Bloomberg, Channel News Asia & BBC”””””

Folks, REFCO is tha biggest scam broker which closed up in 2005. The broker was closed 5 years ago and this lying idiot does not know about it. Otherwise he wouldn’t have mentioned that he has professional students from REFCO broker to learn from him.

And of course who did interview him? Bloomberg & BBC!

Give me a break!

Safe To Buy?


Built up on lies with Zero proof


Quantum FX Pro Overall Rating

  • Gopal Reply
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 2:48 am

    Mr. Kishore M is NO longer a forex hedge fund manager.

    Hence, all the marketing materials, including web pages of KishoreM’s

    ffiliate partners must remove the words Hedge Fund Manager.

    Please update all your website, blog, youtube, twitter, facebook within today

    & thanks for your cooperation

    Legal Dept

    Powerup Management

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