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The Seven Summits Trader (SST) is a trading which according to the Vendor, can trade profitably on the Stock, Forex, Futures and option Markets. I beleive these are the same people behind the (High Velocity Market Master) trading manual system which although is expensive, has actually turned out to be a pretty decent trading system.

So these guys must already have a large number of subscribers already even before their scheduled sales launch on August 25th, since the HVMM has earned them good reputation. But as far as I am concerned, I won’t waste time my self in evaluating their trading system through joining their free seminars to see them call out a couple of trades, until they pop-up their trading statements. Even if my own mother comes up to me and says she has created a good trading system, the first thing I would say is (Show me the trading statements please) before even congratulating here on such hard to accomplish task.

Here is a couple of sentences on the Seven Summits Trader website which are very common to find on a lot of  scam websites, and I just had to comment on:

“Just to give you an example, we’ve been calling a couple different markets live now for nearly 18 weeks.  Our Russell eMini trades won 16 out of 18 weeks and have amassed over 250 net points utilizing the SST strategy. That’s $25,000 in just a few short months”

 ForexFBI comment: For real?! So you consider trading profitably for less than 5 months makes you a successful trader? Even with those 5 months of claimed profitability, how do you expect us to believe you?


EURJPY Gains +39 pips; Called Today Live During the Demo Session

ForexFBI comment: So is that something? Happy for the 39$ pips one day gain while leaving us with no clue on how to evaluate your system over the long run? Trading is about consistency, not one day profits!


Joining the Seven Summits Trader Demo Seminars to see a couple of their trade calls is not enough. And the ForexFBI encourage the people behind the SST to be a lot more transparent than they are now by showing Real money statements posted on third party websites for verification.

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