Sonic R. Forex System | SonicR Free Trading System

The Sonic R is a free forex trading system that was first introduced on the forexfactory forums, developed by member sonicdeejay. The original thread now has over 1.5 million views and the system has evolved greatly since it’s arrival. From modifications and ideas from the forex community the SonicR system has grown to be one of the most versatile manual trading systems available, and for free.

Here is a simple, nice and profitable 5M/15M swing system that I found in Raghee ‘s book.
A Blindly followed Moving Averages system can be very successful in trending market, but I am around here long enough to witness the failure of it, when the market goes into ranging periods.
So, I fine tuned the system with understanding of Trend line,S & R, Wave analysis and Price action, and I am getting high success rate on my position/swing trading, apart from my original Sonic Striker System which is based on the higher 4H TF.
I’d like to call it Sonic R.
Now, it is not the magic bullet, nothing is.
It is a simple EMA based yet effective system.
You can earn 50 to 400+ pips on a trade.

Sonic R System

Sonic R System

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