TadawulFX Broker Review (Tadawul MT4)

TadawulFX Broker Review

The word Tadawul stands for “trading” in Arabic and hence the TadawulFX Brokers work in the area of trading the Foreign Exchange. The original trading corporation was started in Switzerland in 2006, but later the Head Office was moved to Cyprus in 2008. However, the company still has offices in both the countries.

The TadawulFX provides the users to trade in all the commodities like Forex, Gold, Oil and Indices from the same account while also allowing flexible leverages up to 1:500. In terms of the Forex trading the company allows the traders to spread the investment to as low as 1 pip. There is also no spread widening on the Forex transactions which make them more flexible.

While their minimum amount to open an account is 500 dollars, the company has provided a very high amount of flexibility to the users and thus won their trust with their own version of MT4 trading which provides huge number of currency pairs for trading. The other good thing about TadawulFX is that they allow the money to be transferred with the help of Paypal and as of last week, they got a new deal with Paypal which reduces the transaction charges of Paypal, thus increasing the profitability of the traders.

The Company boasts of its value system which is based on honest, clarity and integrity. Apart from this, the other salient feature of TadawulFX is that they have support for the Islamic Forex Accounts which provides the users with interest free or swap free forex accounts. In terms of the services, this is a great company to invest with since they have a stable solution and also a helpful customer service.

The new accounts come with a mobile MT4 trading platform as well, along with their traditional PC-based solution. However, the problem with TadawulFX is that their platform is a little bulky and hence is slower, which may create problems for some of the users who are trading in the more volatile markets.

Apart from this, like is the case with all MT4 based Forex solutions, even this platform is susceptible to loss of some information when there are currency pair rallies, however, all in all, the TadawulFX Traders seem to have a good service. To see their rates and trading conditions first hand, you could register with their free account and talk to their customer care center to get started.

Overall Rating

  • Mic Reply
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 11:06 am

    no prob

  • Mike Reply
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 20:54 pm

    they are scammers and just look at your charts and find out

    Tadawul fx playing a rotten game and I have to send out a warning. I have accounts with FXDD Malta, GallantFX, Alpari us, GFT UK and FXCM when news are coming i`m getting a lot of disconnects , the platform is freezing only with Tadawul fx ,this is a big problem because as you all know we need fast actions.

    I have an account with tadawul for a bout 5 months and have had two problem with them

    1-I had a buy pending order on eur usd the price went 10 pip after my pending order and did not hit it !!!! 5 minutes later the price flay 150 pips up I most say this most be my pips.

    2-one sale order been open , I never ever open it my ea never open it ,how I know because my robot is been set up to take profit and stop loss and this sale order been open with out stop loss and take profit .

    I email them and answer my email with rejection they said that my ea opened the order .

    I been testing the robot on 5 different demo account and never had this problem with any one else but tadawulfx.

    so they try all they can to keep you away from making money.

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