Ultimate Swing Trader Reviewed For You

The Swing Trader Ultimate (UST) is among the many manual trading systems that claim to make profit.
Not only does this system convince people it makes profit, but also makes traders understand the fact
that these trades and profit-cashing process is conducted in as little as 10 minutes!

On the product website, you’ll find a video that tries to prove the credibility of this system: A pending
order is placed on the EUR/USD to go short at 1.3348 (with the market trading above the 1.3348 value)
and a stop loss order placed at 1.3406 with a take profit order positioned at 1.3292. From the video,
this system made about 50 pips in profit. That’s basically just about the system – placing pending
ordes (with provided signals). So it’s obvious that your winning or losing with this strategy depends
on whether the pending order is triggered which of course, is also dependent on the volatility of the

There’s also a VIP membership subscription for this system that provide aforementioned live calls for
trades to be placed. This costs between $97 to $197 depending on whether you’ve already purchased
the system or just wanting to get hold of the calls.

There’s no refund policy on the site for this product and I can’t be sure why new orders for the details of
this system are closed.

There is a plethora of forex systems floating around these days and this alone makes it very tough to
pinpoint the really profitable systems and tell which one is worth your bucks. Personally, I wouldn’t buy
this product based on two facts – there is NO refund policy with “Past performance is not necessarily
indicative of future results.” puts them on the safer side. There’s not enough convincing proof this
system will give me my money’s worth. In short, I’d rather get hammock at the beach and get a couple
of beers and watch the sea change tides.

This is a new system being released by netpicks.

Here is a quote from one of their e-mails:

“The original system has been around for years (which
has literally gathered an all-time high of over 12,800
pips) so this brand new revamp takes the already
proven strategy and give it a major upgrade – making
it picture-perfect for newer traders and people
pressed for time.”

If you have any experience with the Ultimate Swing trader, please leave a comment below.

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