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April 18th to 23rd Forex Robot Performance Summary

Top 3 performing robots for this week:

  1. Forex Hacked : $426 profit for this week   –   $1670 Total Profit
  2. Ivybot (Custom Settings) :  $175 Profit  for this week-    $635 Total Profit
  3. Black Panther :  $150 Profit    –    –$317 Total Loss (However its starting to climb our of it’s initial bad start when I had the risk too high)


Forex Hacked continues it’s consistency, however it has left a floating P/L of just over -$300 in open trades going into this weekend so we will see how it handles that come Sunday Evening.

I have added Forex Hacked to a $1000 Live Micro account over at FX Open (you can see the mt4stats below).

Please note that the first couple of days I was running 4 charts, and way to high of risk and things got a little ugly, but they eventually calmed down. I eliminated two charts (CHFJPY and EURUSD), lowered the risk down a bit and things have been sailing smooth ever since see draw downs no higher than $30 on the $1000 equity.

Forex Hacked $1000 LIVE Micro Account At FX Open

(Slightly different settings than my custom settings in VIP. I will add these new settings to the VIP section shortly :))

(Because it’s a micro account, the account is scaled out….. 100,000 = 1000. So the -$700 in open trades is $7.00. Total profit of $344.44)

I’ve also worked out a deal with the guys over at to get a 15% discount for you guys. It’s limited to 100 uses!

Forex Hacked 15% off coupon code:  FBI-K8TT-FBI


Other notables:

My custom Ivybot settings continue to shine. Draw downs have been minimal and the profit is still been exceptional.

Forex Black-Panther is still climbing out of it’s hole, but ever since I adjusted the settings, thats all it seems to be doing. The losses have been minized substantially. Keep on eye on this one.

I’ve added a few new reviews and EA’s to the list including A.I. Forex Robot (Using my own optimized settings). I found the default settings to be performing poorly so far in 2010 so I optimized them. You can check the VIP section for them 🙂

Other News:

Forex Pip Stack is off to a great start for me, it launches on the 27th! I got an early review copy and have it up on an account already, you can check my review and the results over here (Forex Pip Stack Review)

Delphi Scalper appears to have some controversy surrounding it already. Check my review to see and read the comments. Uh oh!

That’s all for now, Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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