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Black Panther EA Review

Review of the Forex Black Panther EA

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Black Panther GBPUSD, EURCHF H1 Short-term Yes Yes unknown unknown Black Panther Website


Performance (Black Panther Live Test Results)

Update (April 10th, 2010): Black Panther had a rough start, so I have turned down the risk on the settings substantially to give it a chance to come back.


$100 via Clickbank. It comes as an .exe install and will install two .dlls to your windows system folder, and the ex4 to your metatrader folder. Looks like it’s limited to just 1 account.



Taken from one of the world’s largest hedge funds, the Black Panther strategy was adapted to home-based trading, and features: two proprietary algorithms (P.E.T.E and M.D.P.A), three smart money management methods, unique support and resistance detection system, and advanced user interface. In other words, it detects trends based on moving averages and price fluctuation, and then sets resistance and support levels.

Forex Black Panther trade entries are based on two indicators (Bollinger bands, and Stochastics)

The take profit and stop loss are controlled by the EA dynamically, but you can set the max for each setting.

Recommended Brokers

Black Panther EA works on just about any broker out there. Our recommended FX Open or IamFX are no exception and provide great execution time and spreads.



This one comes with a lot of piracy protection and from what I can tell so far, for good reason. It’s performance across the net has proven to be very good throughout different forums. It could just be a lucky streak, or it could be something more. We will wait to find out. Wouldn’t hurt to try the 60-day money back guarantee on this and throw it on a demo account.

 Black Panther offers great support, something not very common in this industry.

Safe To Buy?


 Black Panther has been approved for you to purchase based on its refund guarantee, and viral results. While my results started bad, I still see potential in this one.


Overall Rating

  • John Bunyan - Posts:
    September 2, 2012
    Reply #1

    I ran Black Panther EA on a demo account starting balance 5000.00 on GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs at minimal settings. Blew the demo account in around 3 month. Small gains ( 30 – 50 pips ) totally overwelmed by no SL and losing trades kept open for ages. Another thing, I traded my live account using bog standard technical analysis for entries and exits. The EA trades were impossible to correlate with price action. Avoid.

  • Russell Critchley - Posts:
    May 5, 2010
    Reply #2

    Purchased Black Panther 27.03.2010……requested refund 27.04.2010. 22 trades for me with 14 losses nearly wiping out my account. Licence code system to activate MT4 .

  • Marc - Posts:
    May 4, 2010
    Reply #3

    Hey Admin, Any update on it ?

  • admin - Posts:
    April 21, 2010
    Reply #4

    Slowly but surely black panther is starting to climb back out of it’s hole.

  • admin - Posts:
    April 9, 2010
    Reply #5

    Not a good start for black-panther, maybe I just caught it on a bad week, but this is atleast a good sign of what will happen if you run this during a bad week! I am hearing confirming reports that other users are experiencing similar losses after a few weeks of good profits.

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