Fibo Lab Flat-Catcher EA Review

Review of Fibo Lab’s Flat-Catcher Expert Advisor

EA NameCurrency PairsTimeframeStrategyECN4&5 DigitsTake ProfitStop LossHome Page
Flat-CatcherEURUSDM15Side-ways market tradingYesYesunknownunknownFibo Lab Website




$99 for demo use only. $499 for 1 live account. $999 for unlimited live account use.



Normally traders gets profits from trend movement, but usually in 50-70% of time market is not going anywhere but moves in relatively short horizontal channel, so called “flat market” or “sideways market”. High volatility with huge swings up and down in a short time period makes investing much more onerous and disproportionately less predictable.

To be able get profits from that market kind, Flat-catcher was designed so it could do that what traders hardly ever could: trade on flat (sideways) market 24 hours a day, and get profits to its owner, and leave pleasure of trend trading for trader.


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This looks like a very interesting expert advisor, but what will happen when a side-ways market quickly turns trending and moves 400+ pips within a short period of time? How will Flat-Catcher cope with this kind of situation? I guess we won’t know until we get a copy up on our VPS for testing.


Overall Rating